Beachfront automates app building for Roku, Google TV, Samsung and LG

Distributing video content to connected TV platforms just got a bit easier: Beachfront Media, the company behind the video discovery site Mefeedia, added an option to build apps to Roku, Google (s GOOG) TV, Samsung and LG to its Beachfront Builder offering. Some of the first publishers mentioned by Beachfront for taking advantage of this are the lifestyle TV network Plum TV and YouTuber Tyler Oakley, but a bit of digging unveiled that College Humor seems to be on board as well.

Beachfront Media launched its Beachfront Builder in private beta last summer, initially focusing on Android and iOS (s AAPL) apps based on a number of preformatted templates. Building apps is completely free, but publishers that want to monetize their apps need to become premium customers, which involves revenue share as well as a startup fee. Premium customers can elect to run their own ads against their content, have Beachfront sell inventory for them, or take advantage of both.

Monday’s announcement extends this model to connected TV platforms, which should help publishers who can’t afford to spend a ton of money to develop their own apps for a number of connected devices. But it looks like some bigger publishers are making use of Beachfront for their videos as well: A quick search on Google Play revealed that Beachfront Media also distributes College Humor’s Android apps.

Beachfront Media started out with a SEO-focused video portal called Mefeedia, but has been focusing on video distribution and monetization in recent months. The company announced earlier this month that it distributed three billion videos on various platforms in 2012.