This week in cloud: VMware-EMC shuffle and Cisco-Netapp tighten ties

Moving and shaking at VMware, EMC, Pivotal Initiative

vmware-logoThere’s some personnel shuffling going on over at the EMC(s emc)-VMware(s vmw)-Pivotal Initiative axis. As reported here on Friday, star engineer Mark Lucovsky is now back at VMware, having handed the Cloud Foundry PaaS over to the Pivotal Initiative spin off. At VMware, he is working on an unspecified “mega” cloud project, according to a now-defunct Twitter profile. Since then we learned that Scott Lowe, virtualization expert at EMC, is now part of the Nicira virtual networking team at VMware, working with Martin Casado.

A lot of folks are watching who goes where from VMware, EMC since the two companies offloaded cloud-related IP and people to the Pivotal Initiative, more details of which will be disclosed this quarter. There has also been a flow of high-level VMware people leaving the fold — most recently CTO Steve Herrod is moving to VC firm General Catalyst.

NetApp and Cisco cinch ties

netapplogoCisco(s csco) and NetApp(s ntapp) are working on more FlexPod converged hardware designs for use in branch offices and in the public cloud settings, both companies said last week.  FlexPods incorporate Cisco servers and networking and NetApp storage. The companies are also working to incorporate fast flash storage into FlexPod designs.

Since Cisco is also part of the 3-year-old VCE alliance that combines its networking and server hardware with EMC storage and VMware virtualization into converged hardware, people watch developments on the Cisco-NetApp side carefully.  VMware’s purchase of Nicira and its software-defined networking prowess last summer, has further stressed a relationship that many say was already strained.

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