Last week on Pro: CES, the fragmented web experience and natural gas


As the dust settles from CES and the latest flurry of earnings calls, GigaOM Pro analysts are looking beyond connected forks and daily stock market standings. This week, GigaOM Pro takes a look at how the ever-evolving web experience is disrupting content distribution (and consumption), a flash analysis of the biggest hits and misses at CES, and more.

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Cleantech: Natural gas – the other scenario
Adam Lesser

Solar has been getting the lion’s share of press in the cleantech sector; the specter of Solyndra continues to plague the industry, and is blamed for scaring away potential investors and hope for market evolution. Pro analyst Adam Lesser identifies another culprit: natural gas. In his latest weekly update, Lesser notes that natural gas is a cheap and appealing alternative for many utilities, who often favor it in lieu of other renewable energy alternatives. However, the natural gas market has its own perils, and Lesser outlines several scenarios that will continue to effect the economics of renewable power in the near future.

Connected Consumer: CES 2013 flash analysis: disruptions and disappointments from consumer tech’s biggest show
Michael Wolf

Pro Analyst Michael Wolf provides a Las Vegas post-mortem and analyzes the results of this month’s GigaOM reader survey. Wolf also takes a look at the show’s major trends – everything from the Internet of things to 3D printing – to determine what’s next for consumer products. What were the biggest highlights (and lowlights) of CES?

Mobile: How new devices, networks, and consumer habits will change the web experience
Amy Cravens

As mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) continue to rise, content providers are struggling to contend with a rapidly-growing consumer base that expects zero latency across multiple devices in their user experience. Pro analyst Amy Cravens looks at the biggest shifts in the web experience of the past decade and analyzes the major factors that impact web experience, from design to actual devices. She also presents a pair of case studies from Walmart and the Financial Times before presenting her shortlist of emerging solutions for addressing web content delivery.


Redwanovic' Red

Thanks for this topic what has a multi informations” about CES

Redwanovic' Red

Thanks for this topic what has a multi informations about CES

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