5 Responses to “Is Google pondering an experimental HetNet?”

  1. in canada, 2 to 3 companies control the wireless market, the only way to break this is someone even bigger to drop the bomb and make it better and cheaper.
    3-5 yrs down the road, data is one of the most critical part of our life, and I do hope more competition to make this market more reasonable.

  2. jnffarrell1

    Sharing productive time. How much productive time is saved by driving and talking at the same time. How much knowledge is revised and updated while riding in a taxi. If wideband is needed on the freeway it is in urgent and short duration bursts. Gigabits of data need only be transmitted before leaving home, the office at at stops in between. Gbit Fiber and WiFi is the backbone bursts of urgent 4G LTE are nice. Once alternatives for last-mile WiFi networks exists, nets will be neutral, by dint of the fact that they are way overbuilt. Conspicuous (prestige) consumers will still be buying iPhone contracts from ATT to prove that they have money to burn.

    • Kevin Fitchard

      jnffarrell1, I agree. I think we already see some of that now. Unlimited plans are in many ways prestige plans. Most people would probably save money by moving onto a capped plan on a different carrier, but that allure of unlimited keeps them locked in place. Maybe it’s not “prestige” so much as a false sense of convenience, but it works on the same principle.