Netflix will launch personalized profiles some time this year

Netflix (s NFLX) is working on launching personalized profiles some time later this year, according to remarks made by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings during Wednesday’s fourth-quarter 2012 earnings call. However, he cautioned that a launch is “not imminent.”

Reed explained that the company is still testing ways to make the experience simple enough for consumers as well as resilient enough so Netflix won’t have to change it up much after launch. “Some time over the year, I am sure we will launch it,” Hastings said.

GigaOM was able to capture some exclusive first screenshots of the current personalized profile tests at CES this year. The profiles currently in testing could be offered as an added feature to consumers at no additional cost, allowing them to add a separate profile for each family member. Profiles would include a separate queue as well as viewing history and recommendations.

Netflix has in the past also floated the idea to give consumers access to family plans, which would allow them to stream to more than two devices at the same time for an additional fee. Hastings didn’t give any update on those plans during Wednesday’s call.