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Netflix will launch personalized profiles some time this year

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Netflix (s NFLX) is working on launching personalized profiles some time later this year, according to remarks made by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings during Wednesday’s fourth-quarter 2012 earnings call. However, he cautioned that a launch is “not imminent.”

Reed explained that the company is still testing ways to make the experience simple enough for consumers as well as resilient enough so Netflix won’t have to change it up much after launch. “Some time over the year, I am sure we will launch it,” Hastings said.

GigaOM was able to capture some exclusive first screenshots of the current personalized profile tests at CES this year. The profiles currently in testing could be offered as an added feature to consumers at no additional cost, allowing them to add a separate profile for each family member. Profiles would include a separate queue as well as viewing history and recommendations.

Netflix has in the past also floated the idea to give consumers access to family plans, which would allow them to stream to more than two devices at the same time for an additional fee. Hastings didn’t give any update on those plans during Wednesday’s call.

5 Responses to “Netflix will launch personalized profiles some time this year”

  1. Justin Boswick

    This is a brilliant idea. I hate the fact that I have to scroll through Extreme Couponers, Say yes to the dress, Power Rangers & Disney movies to get to the films I want to watch (the joys of having a wife and 5 kids) – I also hate the fact that Netflix keeps recommending kids films and reality tv when I like action movies and thrillers. Good work Netflix

  2. This feature is useful to anyone with more than one person on an account. I have 4 family members. I don’t care for most things my wife watches. I want my own lists.

    I am not sure what a “save and watch later feature is” – instant queue? That is how i use it. Of course, i want mine separate from my wife’s.

    • I have a large family, wife and 5 kids. Profiles would be great but even better would be enhanced parental controls to go with it. Blocking mature titles on the children’s accounts while allowing my profile to play them with either a pin on each play above the rating restriction or by locking my profile with a pin. This doesn’t seem that hard and I would seriously consider switching to another streaming provider if these features were in place there.

      I also really need a plan that will let me stream more than 2 devices at a time and am willing to pay for it. Netflix, take my money please!!!! I have 7 in the family and no, we don’t watch Netflix all the time but having 3 people wanting to watch their own show happens often during our relax times (since we all relax as a family!). We have the following devices that are netflix ready:

      3 Ipod Touches
      3 Iphones
      1 IPad
      5 laptops
      2 Desktops
      1 Wii
      1 PS3
      1 Apple TV
      1 Raspberry Pi with XBMC

      And I just sold off my Roku!!!!

      In order to reduce the chance of sharing accounts, require that you all come from limited pool of source IPs. If me and my family are home, we all look like we are coming from the same IP address anyway…..