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Report: Samsung official confirms Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet

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Plans for Samsung to debut the Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet are moving from rumor to reality if China’s iNews24 is correct. The news outlet reported on Monday that Samsung mobile exec J.K. Shin confirmed the small slate will launch at next month’s Mobile World Congress event. Engadget picket up on the report, noting that iNews24 was accurate in the past about Samsusng’s Galaxy S III Mini plans.

The MWC is just a few weeks away, so we won’t have long to wait and see if these reports pan out, but I’d place the percentage of truth at 75 percent or better.

It’s a bit early in Samsung’s Galaxy S lifecycle to announce a successor to the Galaxy S III, for starters, and the company’s Note products are picking up steam. There’s still a potential product gap between the pocketable Galaxy Note 2 smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1; an 8-inch tablet with digital ink support fits the sweet spot.

Reported benchmarks of the Galaxy Note 8.0 indicate a 1280 x 800 display, 2 GB of memory, and Android(s goog) 4.2. As of yet, there’s no indication of the processor that would power such a tablet, although it surely would be one of Samsung’s own Exynos chips. Processor aside, I still believe Samsung is onto something with its S-Pen, dual-digitizer and solid software for inking; something no other tablet maker has mastered yet.

6 Responses to “Report: Samsung official confirms Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet”

  1. Talha Iqbal

    Another great product by Samsung about to be unveiled. And this Galaxy Note 8.0 looks great. With a full HD display 1280 x 800, 2 GB of memory, and Android 4.2 this looks a compact package. The technology lovers will be all ready to buy this tablet. It fits quite well into the broader context of tablet ecosystems… see the Uniqloud tablet market overview for details.

  2. spinedoc

    Actually another tablet HAS mastered the digitizer/stylus paradigm, the windows tablets. I’m on a windows tablet right now with a Wacom digitizer and pen, I have full PhotoShop, Corel sketch, sketchbook pro, and a few others. Also I have the office 2013 preview and OneNote. Handwriting recognition is absolutely stellar.

    Hopefully someone shoehorns windows into a smaller 7 or 8″ form factor. Desktop mode may not be quite ready for that yet, but I would take it in a second. I’m having a very hard time really seeing value in any new ios or android tablet after experiencing the freedom of using a windows one.

  3. grow up little boy

    here are some facts
    samsung released tab 7.7 and 7 way before mini
    also ask yourself why did iphone move to 4″ when the market have move on from this screen size??? not only apple copy but they lag behind the industry

  4. pjs_boston

    Hmmm. I guess Apple was onto something with the iPad Mini. You can always tell when Ape has a good idea. Samsung immediately rushes to market with a copy 😄