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Telx adds faster link to Amazon cloud for NY-area companies

Data centers in the New York Metro area can now get faster, more secure connections to Amazon’s big data center hubs via a new Telx AWS Direct Connect facility. Telx already offered AWS Direct Connect service to San Francisco area customers to AWS the US-West facility. The new connection adds speeded-up links to Amazon’s biggest US-East data center farm in Ashburn, Virg.

Joe Weinman SVP of cloud services and strategy for Telx
Joe Weinman SVP of cloud services and strategy for Telx

Despite all the talk about cloud services erasing geographical barriers, location does matter in terms of network latency. That’s why Amazon launched AWS Direct Connect two years ago.

As the name implies, AWS Direct Connect lets users establish dedicated links from their network providers to Telx (or Equinix or other data center service partners) to the AWS cloud.

Direct Connect also provides a more secure way to tie into AWS. This is really important for enterprise customers concerned about the safety of their data and also for Amazon which wants more large business customers to trust their important workloads to AWS.

The impact of Hurricane Sandy on New York area IT infrastructure was a strong reminder that companies there need connectivity to the outside world. While most of the Telx local facilities are in Manhattan, they suffered no Sandy-related interruptions, said Joe Weinman, Telx senior vice president of cloud services and strategy via email. And, the company’s new Clifton, N.J. facilities sit above the 500-year flood plain on dual power grids.

“The general idea here is two diverse routed connections ensure no single point of failure,” Weinman said. And, generally, as more companies launch complex, hybrid architectures, they demand better performance and business continuity capabilities.

Of course, US-East itself has been problematic for Amazon. It is by far the largest and oldest of the AWS sites and has been ground zero for several outages over the past year. According to the Washington Business Journal, Amazon will work with Corporate Office Properties Trust to build out more data center capacity in Ashburn that would address this issue.

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  1. It is great to see a provider other than Equinix stepping into this much needed service. Many AWS users are looking for alternatives to the VPN connection into say a VPC. For performance and security purposes it is helpful to have Telx offer services in this space.

    Well Done !