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Ka-Ching! Ting will pay your contract ETF to switch phone service

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Innovative mobile virtual network owner Ting is changing the rules again, setting aside $100,000 to pay customers who switch to its phone service. The promotion, which starts on Feb. 1, will refund the Early Termination Fee (ETF) of contract customers who leave their carrier in favor of Ting. The no-contract company is unique in that it will refund monthly service fees after the fact if a customer’s usage falls under a lower-priced service tier.

Ting Ting says it will refund up to $350 per contract line customer, so the company could burn through that $100,000 fund quickly. Those that qualify — the program FAQ says you have to port your number to Ting — will see the eligible ETF fee as a credit on their Ting bill. The company hopes that those who take advantage of the program will continue to use Ting’s service after the credit runs out.

For consumers that want the flexibility of both no-contract service and low monthly fees, Ting is certainly an option worth exploring. Ting’s approach is to offer a “pay for what you use” service: You choose the amount of minutes, messages and mobile broadband for each phone. The company will refund or add charges based on actual monthly usage.

Ting uses Sprint’s(s s) network, so you’d need to be in a Sprint coverage area to use the service. Ting offers phones that work on Sprint’s EVDO, WiMAX and even on its LTE networks: the carrier started supporting Samsung’s Galaxy S III with LTE in August of last year.

8 Responses to “Ka-Ching! Ting will pay your contract ETF to switch phone service”

    • Anonymous

      No, you can’t grab an S3 or Note 2 (or any other LTE phone) and port it to Ting. Check out their Bring Your Own Sprint Device page. You’ll see that they are in Open Beta right now (it started about 1 month ago), and they only support a limited range of models. Specifically, they do not support porting over ANY LTE phone. If you want LTE, you have to buy it directly from them for the time being. But it is on their to-do list, and one of their requirements for themselves before exiting the open beta is that they figure out how to support porting of LTE phones.

      All that said, I switched to Ting in December as soon as their BYOD program started open beta, and I brought over a Galaxy S 1 (aka Epic 4G) and a Galaxy S 2 (aka Epic 4G Touch), and that worked flawlessly. And both support 4G WiMax as well, so while I may not have 4G LTE, I’m at least getting better than 3G support. And again, they’ll support LTE porting eventually once they work out the technical details.