Live blog: Facebook’s “what we’re building” event

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At 10 a.m. PT on Tuesday, Facebook will be holding an event at its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. to discuss “what we’re building,” according to an invitation sent out last week. Our esteemed founder Om Malik will be live-blogging the event here.

Expectations for the event range from a new vision of search on Facebook’s terms to the mythical Facebook phone. Om will be laying down as only he can here starting at 10 a.m.

Update: Facebook announced a new search product called Graph Search, which Eliza Kern detailed here. We’ll have more to come later, thanks for hanging out with us this morning.

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Om Malik January 15, 201311:14 am

This is over. Now you can read a puff-y piece here on Wired by official search reporter, Steven Levy.

Om Malik January 15, 201311:06 am

“Friends who like Star Wars and Harry Potter for a big movie night.” What does that really say about you and your friends? Discuss?

Om Malik January 15, 201311:03 am

It was a big engineering challenge to index all that data. The engineering work to handle all the data has taken more than a year. – Lars Rasumsen

Om Malik January 15, 201311:01 am

I would love to work with Google, When we did Bing search integration. We wanted to make search social. We worked with Microsoft API. Anyone can use. We have not been able to work something out with (Google) – Zuckerberg.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:57 am

Does Graph Search show up in my feed? Only you can see it in your activity log. It is doesn’t show into the Feed.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:56 am

We are rolling out to 100s of thousands of people – very small audience today. It is a beta product and it will be hard to estimate how long it is going to take. mobile is the next thing we have to tackle. We don’t have a time estimate. — Zuckerberg

Om Malik January 15, 201310:55 am

Zuckerberg says this isn’t really a business right now and they need to build something substantial and as a result the company isn’t really thinking about the monetization right now.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:54 am

We have years and years of work ahead of us. Developer apps will eventually happy — Zuckerberg.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:54 am

First question: privacy and how you are going to make it private. Zuck says this is going to be a big issue. Stocky says we are going to encourage the people to take more private stuff. Zuck says privacy is deeply built into the product.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:49 am

Limited beta today and rolling out very slowly and will incorporate data from people and making it available widely – Zuckerberg

Om Malik January 15, 201310:48 am

Future of Graph Search: Tomorrow we are going focus on Mobile, all languages, posts and open graph, says Zuckerberg. It is going to be a massive challenge but we are ready to take it on.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:47 am

Zuckerberg: When we can’t find what you are looking for. We have a deal with Bing to show results from the web. With Graph Search make queries to find content in the graph, and this is also going to get web search results in case you don’t find it.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:45 am

In addition to building these tools, we need to get these privacy tools to people. It will be a lot of “alerts” before Graph search is available widely.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:44 am

Zuckerbeg: All are very early. It is a beta product. It is few use cases and even as an early product and it is new way to get information.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:43 am

Stocky on how to do privacy: They are talking about Privacy Short Cuts. And showing various ways you can make sure photos don’t show up in Search. I don’t know, this whole check-box way of making things private is painful and will cause painful moments. This is #fail.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:39 am

Lars is now showing off Places. I am actually impressed with this feature, and it is worthy competitor to Foursquare’s search results. It has value. Definitely will try it. Of course, i don’t really use Places myself…

Om Malik January 15, 201310:35 am

The Interest graph search is going to be fun and a good way to shame your friends in public. Imagine being a guy who likes Metallica and Mitt Romney…

Om Malik January 15, 201310:32 am

Now Stocky is back doing Interests. It is all brings everything together and it is great way to find what my friends like. It is a good way to be part of the consensus culture which structured queries can create and populate. cc @borthwick.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:30 am

My big takeaway so far: Facebook will never be a mobile company. They launch this graph search and it is on desktop browser. How it will work on touch devices, where typing isn’t the key way to interact with the device and information.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:29 am

Lars says try: photos I like query. That is going to be a fun way to surface some interesting stuff.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:28 am

Okay photo search via Graph Search is actually pretty awesome. The problem is how do we ensure some photos stay private. Facebook does have a good track record of screwing people over on privacy, so that is why I wonder.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:26 am

Lars is going to show how to find best photos on Facebook.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:25 am

Stocky says that it will be a good way to query for finding “dates” and “jobs”. Oh oh… going after its ad-cutomers (Zoosk) and LinkedIn. The appetite for mass web destruction is huge for Facebook.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:24 am

I am reflecting on Graph Search (while Stocky is doing the demo which is sort of boring) and I do feel that it does indeed fill out a big hole in Facebook. I do believe it will all boil down to how fast they can deliver this search.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:21 am

I am just wondering if Graph Search was inspired by Path Moments?

Om Malik January 15, 201310:20 am

Graph Search is a whole lot of queries in a structured manner. This is going to make Facebook useful a tiny bit more, though you do have to go back to Facebook.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:18 am

Graph: answers, not links. Says Zuck. Nice way to spin it, problem is how good is this going to be. (Opinion)

Om Malik January 15, 201310:18 am

Getting a demo from Tom Stocky and Lars Rasmussen (ex-Google Wave guy)

Om Malik January 15, 201310:17 am

So far Graph search is a good attempt to make sense of all social signals. The problem with the product is that it is still querying a database. — my comment.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:15 am

Graph is really big and there is a lot of content we need to index. This is a beta product. We are focusing on people, photos, places and interests. — Zuckerberg says.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:13 am

Zuckerberg cannot talk in plain english. Period. He is as captivating as piece of wood. Seriously, spend some dollars on lessons in speaking.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:12 am

Web-search is going to give you a lot of answers to open-ended query. Graph query is to precise query and returns a very accurate answer. It is a big technical problem we solved. We had to solve a design problem. We spent a long time on this and came up with Filters. Jokes. But we quickly realized that this wasn’t going to scale to all types of connections we are going to support. So we came up with something a lot more nature.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:10 am

10 percent of compute capacity is spent on checking privacy policy. I am not sure how he is making this claim. Sounds like a way to punk technology reporters.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:09 am

Graph Search is privacy aware, says Zuckerberg. Of course, that is private till Facebook needs to make money off it.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:08 am

Graph search is the third pillar. It is not web search. We are indexing our map of the graph. 1 billion people. 240 billion photos. 1 trillion connections. It is big and changing. It all adds up to that indexing and retrieving it is a hard problem.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:06 am

There are three pillars to Facebook: News Feed. Who is this person – Timeline. Today we are talking about the third pillar.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:06 am

Zuckerberg is going to take us back in the history of Facebook and how it is evolved. Every screen of the Facebook book is the result of the query people are doing to find something, Zuck says

Om Malik January 15, 201310:05 am

Mark Zuckerberg is here and talks – “Our mission is to make the world more open and more connected. We believe in the concept that is Social Graph. That Map is the the way to build all sorts of services.”

Om Malik January 15, 201310:03 am

Apple is never late with its launches… Facebook is running late by 3 minutes.

Om Malik January 15, 201310:00 am

10 am… come on Facebook, get your show on…

Om Malik January 15, 20139:59 am

That’s all the Facebook people packing the back of the room.

Om Malik January 15, 20139:58 am

Some blogs have six people covering the event. I am feeling seriously outnumbered as one man army. Oh well…

Om Malik January 15, 20139:54 am

No shortage of technology journalists, despite all the rumors of a downturn in news business.

Om Malik January 15, 20139:52 am

Good morning everyone. I am here ready, and all ears about the big Facebook announcement. Ten minutes to go

Tom Krazit January 15, 20139:39 am

Hey everybody! Sounds like the event is running a little late based on some Twitter buzz, so hang tight.


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