iPhone 5 with $45 Straight Talk Unlimited plan now at Walmart


It’s practically impossible to get Apple’s(s aapl) iPhone 5 on the cheap without a contract, but at least there’s another option for the commitment-averse to save money on the monthly service bill. Straight Talk is officially supporting the iPhone 5 now with its $45 plan advertised as unlimited talk, messages and data. The price of admission for a 16 GB iPhone 5 with Straight Talk(s amx) is $649 at Walmart(s wmt) stores, but the retailer is offering no-interest special financing for the phone: $25 per month.

You’ll need a Walmart credit card for the financing deal and although the Straight Talk service is month-to-month, there’s a bit of a contract feel to the transaction. At $25 a month, you’ll be paying Walmart for 26 months to pay off the iPhone 5 purchase. Still, for those that don’t have the $199 up front for a contract-based iPhone 5, it provides an ownership opportunity for Apple’s smartphone with a lower monthly service bill.

straight-talk-simBased on my own usage of Straight Talk, I find the service to be a good value. Straight Talk buys wireless service from the major U.S. carriers at wholesale prices and then resells it. With this iPhone 5 deal, for example, you’d actually be using AT&T’s(s t) network but paying Straight Talk’s prices. Coverage and speeds would be the same as if you had bought the iPhone 5 directly from AT&T, with one major exception.

There’s no mention of Straight Talk offering LTE service. That means if you buy an iPhone 5 and use a Straight Talk nano SIM card, you won’t be using AT&T’s fast LTE network, but its HSPA+ service. In other words: Don’t expect your iPhone 5 to surf the web or download apps at 30 to 40 Mbps. Instead, you’ll see speeds about one-third as fast. Provided you can live with that and don’t mind that Straight Talk’s “unlimited” service has a soft cap of around 2 GB per month, you may want hit up your nearest Walmart.

For those that already own an iPhone 5 and want to switch service to Straight Talk service, you’ll have to wait. I checked Straight Talks’s site for ordering SIM cards and see only the standard SIM and micro SIM available; no nano SIM cards just yet.


Tiana Bearr

i kinda confused, if you put an iphone 5 on straight what will it not include?


Hmmm.. thanks guys for this comments,have been craving for an iphone for striaght talk.
can’t wait to get one, if and only if it’s unlocked so i can use it internationally.

Tiana Bearr

if you already have an iphone 5 ,how do you put it on a straight talk plan?

Jim Odell

I have the old clam shell phone on Straight Talk and want to upgrade. What difference will I see between a $150 Samsung and an expensive I-Phone?


So If I want to do the financing plan all I have to pay is the $25 with the walmart card? There is no catch? Like I don’t have to pay anything down on it?


So about the 25 dollar a month, there is no catch all you pay is the 25 dollar a month with the financing plan? Like I don’t have to pay anything down on it?


I currently have a ST Mini Sim Card and I have purchased an unlocked iphone 4 that is an AT&T phone. Since ST is no longer selling AT&T Sim Cards, can I cut my mini into a micro and just insert it in my new iphone? I am weary of cutting it and it not working then I will not be able to put it back in my Android and will be without as they do not sell them anymore.


This might be a dumb question- I’ve never had an iPhone before but my brother has a used at&t iPhone 4 that isnt in use right now. Is there a a way I can activate it using Straight Talk instead of signing a contract with at&t? I’d rather pay $45 a month with Straight Talk any day instead of $70/month. Thanks


what happens if i use the iPhone 5 from at&t and use it for straight talk

Sandra Kevin

I am not on contract with ATT any more and need to upgrade my IPhone. I have a business and want to take credit cards using Square. I sell in a market (PikePlace) where there is no wifi. Considering Straight Talk to save money, but concerned that Market may be a spot where I don’t get signal. Is it a big risk to use straight talk?


I bought a sim cutter on eBay. worked well. my concern: they DID carry micro SIM cards and regular ones until recently…. they were for the AT&T network… now the site only carries this “T-Mobile” branded one…… this leads me to believe they are getting cheaper yet and trying to migrate all GSM phones to the sub-par T-Mobile network. I’ve been using ST for almost 2 years. originally it was great. I would rollover to smaller carriers in my rural area and get their edge network (which was ok with me) recently straight talk cut them out (to save money I believe) now it just says roaming and I have no data with them. I have a business 4g LTE hot spot and it still roams on their edge network so I know that straight talk is the culprit.
in summation- I see them continue to widdle away quality and services and if they are going to eventually push GSM to T-Mobile then I’m switching carriers. I hope they don’t go that route..

Mike Ceaser

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Blanca Pez

The Straight Talk iPhones from Walmart will be on Verizon, not AT&T. The real question is are they also GSM unlocked.


So, after reading all the comments I am even more confused. Does the ST Iphone 5 sold at Walmart have a sim card slot? Am I able to use it with a micro sim if I order it from ST? What if I get an ATT iPhone 5… Can I just use a sim card purchased from ST? I understand they dont sell nano sims, but cutting it wont be a problem. I need to know ASAP. I’m in desperate need of a phone and I want an iPhone 5. I have the option of just buying one straight from Walmart and get it activated with no problem or buy it from a friend $200 cheaper. Please help me.



I noticed on the Wal-Mart Website that you need to have internet access for the straight talk iPhone. Is this the case or can you use the internet on the phone just like you would if you purchased the phone from At&T or Verizon? Just want to know before I purchase this phone.



I noticed on the Wal-Mart website it says you need interent access for the Iphone from Straight-talk. Is this accurate or can you use the internet just like you normally would if you purchased the phone from At&T or Verizon? I don’t have Internet at my house and don’t want to buy this phone if that is something I’m going to need.

Kevin C. Tofel

You shouldn’t need Wi-Fi or any other internet access at your home to use this phone. Not sure what Wal-Mart is getting at there….


I bought an iPhone 5 from walmart with straight talk. It has been a nightmare! The cellular data service did not work, they told me to take it back to Walmart but Walmart said it was straight talk’s problem and they should fed-ex me a new phone. Straight talk in the meantime put me and the walmart supervisor on hold for over 50 minutes. Every time the rep said they would give me a “supervisor” it linked to a message that said “heavy service volume, Goodbye” and hung up on me. Same for the walmart supervisor. If everything worked on these phones I think it would be great. (My daughter’s works). But if there is anything wrong, you are out $649.00 ! I am hoping this will get worked out but I have already put at least 12 hours of talk time with straight talk. Everytime they try to “fix” the phone remotely it gets worse. Now I can’t even make calls…..


you are so wrong. i trimmed my micro sim to fit into my iphone 5.works like a charm

Lucy Loopie

I just ordered an I phone 5 from Walmart. When it arrives at store, we have 14 days to decide whether to keep it or not. We are not very tech savy and the comments I am reading have scared me to death. What can we expect from this phone? First you say it uses AT&T network, then Verizon.

Can someone explain to me what cutting the SIM card means? We need to understand some of this before this little animal arrives at the store. PLEASE HELP A DUMMY!!

Yuri Nazarov

Lucy Loopie, here is what I’ve been told by Straight Talk support. There are 2 ways to buy an Iphone 5 for ST:

1. Wallmart – you will get the Iphone 5 for ST ver. “A1429 CDMA”, which will work with ST using Verizon towers
2. Apple store – get an unlocked Iphone 5 “A1428 GSM”, which will work on ST using AT&T towers

I am curious which of these options will get me faster data speeds – does anyone know?


DO NOT Straight talk plan. Completely unprofessional service and horible representatives. I waited 57 mites before I got a representative to talk to me. There is no refund on SIMs or Airtime cards.
I have NEXUS4 and they sent me normal SIM card. I called to ask for a micro SIM and after spending an hour waiting for customer service, I had to ask to talk to their manager, because they didn’t know how to help me.
I was already regretting that I decided to try their services and wanted to cnacel before even I started to use StraightTalk. They started quoting the text in fine print to fight with me and so on. Horible, horible experience!!
DON’T use them if you value your time and money!

Carolina Aguilar

I want know if is possible connect my phone motorola HD1080P the verizon at this plan Straight Talk?


All iphones on ST are GSM! No Verizon! ST phones w/Verizon do not have sim cards at all! I am running a Iphone 3GS just fine w/ST. To send pics w/out MMS, I am using Dropbox too.

Blanca Pez

“All iphones on ST are GSM! No Verizon! ST phones w/Verizon do not have sim cards at all! ”

You’re just wrong!

Faranak FN

anyone knows if it contains a sime card too? and is it unlocked or no?


I meant that I purchased the iPhone 5 at a Walmart store and I had to get a credit card to get the phone but I am still unable to get it to work.

Kevin C. Tofel

You definitely don’t need a nanoSIM card as the phone is tied to Verizon’s network (see comments above). If Wal-Mart can’t get it activated for you through Straight Talk, they should take the phone back and refund your money IMO.


Thanks, I got it to work after I called the Straight Talk’s customer service for the second time.


I just purchased an iPhone 5 with Straight Talk and I am having a lot of troubles getting it activated! The employees at the electronic didn’t know how to activate it so they had me call the Straight Talk customer service and still couldn’t figure out what is wrong, so they advised me to contact Apple’s customer service. Does anybody know if I need a Nano SIM or whatever for it to work?
Please help!


When you say soft cap, do you mean they will shut off your internet or theyll just throttle it after the 2 GB

joe boxer

If I buy an unlocked iPhone 5 from Apple, Can purchase a straight talk nano sim and use it on the iPhone 5 and be able to get 4g speeds? Cause I don’t want to purchase a straight talk iPhone 5 from Walmart and get Verizon 3g speeds. Its not worth paying the $650. I like to talk and surf.

Kevin C. Tofel

2 things to keep in mind: Straight Talk doesn’t sell nano SIM cards, so you’d have to cut one down. And Straight Talk doesn’t support LTE, so you’d get EVDO speeds or HSPA+ speeds for data, depending on what iPhone you bought.

Kevin C. Tofel

Hmmm…. I’m seen SIM cards and microSIM cards on the Straight Talk site. Never seen nanoSIM cards there before and don’t see them now. Are you sure?

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