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NetSuite buys more retail expertise with Retail Anywhere acquisition

NetSuite(s N) is adding to its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities with the purchase of Retail Anywhere, a company specializing in point-of-sale applications for brick-and-mortar stores. Terms were not disclosed.

NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson
NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson

Las Vegas-based Retail Anywhere was a customer/partner and since NetSuite wants to offer a wide range of retail capabilities for both e-commerce and physical stores, the move was a natural one, NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson told me.

“They built their point-of-sale system atop our SuiteCloud and we have about 30 joint customers ranging from very small retailers to a new multi-billion-dollar retailer that we’ll announce later,”Nelson said. “The magic of Apple(s aapl) is that its physical stores and online stores run on the same backend — that’s what we will offer,” Nelson said. SuiteCloud is NetSuite’s platform-as-a service analog to’s

There’s been a buying spree by both SaaS players like crm) and legacy IT vendors including IBM(s ibm), Oracle(s orcl) and SAP(s sap) to bulk up software services delivered from a cloud. NetSuite itself bought OpenAir for its services capability in 2008 and QuickArrow in 2009. Don’t bet that this SaaS shopping will stop anytime soon.