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Dropbox drops the ball

Dropbox, the hugely popular file-sync-store-and-share service, went down Thursday afternoon and remains down more than three hours later. Data synchronization from the website and dekstop application are affected, according to the @Dropbox Twitter feed which also assured customers that their data, while not accessible, remained safe.


Since Dropbox runs on Amazon(s amzn) S3 storage, the snafu sparked concerns about Amazon as well, although Amazon Web Services status page reports no problems.

It’s been a tough week for free cloud services. Microsoft Hotmail and email was down for many customers starting Monday.

8 Responses to “Dropbox drops the ball”

  1. Park hyun kyu

    ㅋㅋㅋ 그래도 데이타가 안전하다고 하니 다행.
    방금도 문서작업하고 드랍박스에 저장했는데.
    날라가면 고소할거야!!!!

  2. IMO – 20 bucks a year is basically a free service. Outages suck but if you complain, you need to quantify your loss. Most people use dropbox to share files, pictures etc. Their economic loss is virtually nothing if Dropbox goes down.

    I think that those who complain should tell everyone how much money they actually lost as a result of the outage. That would be interesting. Did Christian lose 20 bucks worth of something? Just curious.

    For the record I dont use dropbox nor complain if my free Yahoo mail sends me spam.

  3. This highlights one of the issues with relying on free web services. I don’t fault drop box at all for being down as we all have outages. My issue is that there is no recourse because it’s a free service. You might experience damage like not being able to turn a term paper in on time but there’s no recourse. You don’t even get the emotional satisfaction of getting free month of service for complaining.