Can Samsung win the enterprise?

Reuters reports that Samsung this year hopes to move into the mobile enterprise in a big way, taking aim at the segment that Research In Motion once dominated. The South Korean manufacturer is investing heavily to develop corporate-grade devices, according to Reuters, that are more secure and reliable than the gadgets most end users carry.

The audience of BlackBerry users has been low-hanging fruit, of course, but Android has had trouble capitalizing on RIM’s woes because the platform is so fragmented, causing huge headaches for IT departments. It appears, however, that Samsung hopes to use that weakness as a selling point by co-opting the platform and adding security and other features that make it worthy of the enterprise market.

That would allow Samsung to present itself not only as a viable alternative to BlackBerry 10, iOS and Windows Phone, it could become the go-to vendor of Android products for businesses and other organizations. It’s a pretty big move — and pulling it off won’t be easy — but it could pay huge dividends down the road.