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Plex starts hooking into Dropbox for cloud media syncing

Media center app maker Plex will soon give its users a way to sync their media to Dropbox to access it from anywhere: Plex launched a new feature dubbed cloudSync at CES Tuesday evening, which makes it possible to upload copies of movies, songs or pictures to Dropbox and then access them from any Plex client.

CloudSync is built on top of the wireless device syncing capabilities that Plex introduced back in November, and will be available to paying users of the PlexPass subscription service later this month. Plex has said that it wants to add the ability to sync to other cloud storage service over time.

The ability to easily upload media to a Dropbox account is a good way for Plex to deal with one of its key weaknesses: The Plex client is now available on a number of mobile and connected devices, but the app has traditionally relied on a separate server application to get access to media.

That works fine if you do have a powerful NAS or an always-on PC at home to send you streams of your movies amd music. But more and more people rely on a laptop for all their computing needs – and chances are, that machine is turned off and tucked away in a bag when you’re using your iPad (s AAPL) on the go to watch a movie. With the new feature, users can stream that movie straight from their Dropbox account.

Check out a few screenshots of Plex cloudSync below:

3 Responses to “Plex starts hooking into Dropbox for cloud media syncing”

  1. Adrian Raistrick-Rost

    I have the Plex server running at home on my mac mini, but you can get the plex server software for the netgear NAS or Synology NAS housing and insert your drives into it.

    Don’t get the WD live drive as it won’t run third party software!!!!

    Both systems cost around £120 and can connect to a LG or Samsung smart TV. Roku or your mobile device.

    It’s a fantastic bit of DLNA software and they are updating it all the time with great new features

  2. This sounds like a good idea and I might even take advantage of it…as long as it doesn’t have a negative impact on my existing Dropbox service.

    Dropbox is the best at doing what they do IMHO…keeping things simple and reliable. I don’t relish them veering off into uncharted territory that could easily affect server latency and reliability.

    I hope this works flawlessly, but please don’t foul up your great service Dropbox!