Lenovo adds BlueStacks Android player to Windows 8 PCs


BlueStacks, a maker of software that runs Android(s goog) apps on Windows(s msft) computers gained another big partner: Lenovo. Announced on Monday at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, BlueStacks says its new partner will install the Android player software on the Lenovo Idea-branded consumer PCs. Lenovo, one of the top PC makers in the word in terms of sales,  joins Asus, MSI and AMD as BlueStacks partners.

BlueStacks LenovoGaining distribution deals such as this helps increase the odds that BlueStacks will find success. The company says that organically, about 5 million consumers have manually downloaded the Android player app on their own. However, over 100 million pre-installs are on computers thanks to partnerships with computer manufacturers and component builders.

Why even bother with smartphone apps on a PC? Because the market for such apps has exploded and because consumers are engaging more with their mobile devices. BlueStacks illustrates the appeal:

“With the BlueStacks App Player, Lenovo’s end users can now enjoy the same great apps on PC that they already are addicted to on their smartphone. And with BlueStacks unique ability to link the smartphone to the PC via the cloud, Lenovo’s end users can seamlessly sync their favorite apps, data and SMS text messages between their smartphone and PC.”

The latter part of that quote is important and oft-overlooked detail when thinking about how smartphone apps relate to the traditional computer. We want access to all of our information regardless of what device we’re using. Personal data synchronization at the app level is becoming increasingly desired and it sounds like BlueStacks is moving in that direction.

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