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Amazon Prime Instant Video nabs the A&E shows that Netflix no longer streams

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Amazon (s AMZN) has signed a licensing deal with A&E to make shows from the A&E, Bio, History and Lifetime channels available for streaming on Prime Instant Video, the company announced Friday. Netflix (s NFLX) lost streaming rights to many of those shows (800 hours’ worth) last September.

The Prime Instant Video website shows 446 A&E seasons available, largely reality shows like “Dance Moms,” “Hoarders,” “Project Runway,” “Storage Wars” and “Pawn Stars.” Most of them aren’t available through Netflix streaming, though Netflix retains some older Biography shows.

Amazon Prime Instant Video is available to Prime members who pay $79 a year for unlimited two-day shipping and other perks. The company says Prime Instant Video now includes over 33,000 movies and TV episodes, while Netflix has an estimated 60,000 streaming movies and episodes.

8 Responses to “Amazon Prime Instant Video nabs the A&E shows that Netflix no longer streams”

  1. Rudy Amid

    I just browsed the catalog of A&E’s list of shows that are Prime eligible, and the list is pretty short, and they’re not the shows I want to watch, neither. I also don’t like the fact that I have to pay extra to watch some shows. I prefer the all-you-can-eat Netflix style.

    • seth willenson

      Howeverr All you can eat doesnt generate much money for the cost of productions.

      I dont like either but I prefer Red Lobster to Hometown Buffet

      Programs need to be paid for

  2. Toucanzer

    If netflix were to make finding streaming movies easier with clear movie titles to its customers it would not matter what other companies have because netflix proberbly have what one wants its just very difficult to locate yhem in their system

    • Taylor Trask

      Agreed! It’s astounding how abysmal the Netflix streaming interface is – both via the website and the iPad app. With all the analogous interfaces out there (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify….even main rival Hulu) there is no reason Netflix can’t provide a better UI and search/recommendation experience for it’s users.

  3. I left Netflix and went to Amazon Prime, Netflix lost me when they jacked their rates. I wasnt watching enough to justify the cost. Atleast with Amazon Prime I can pay for movies as I go instead of paying the automatic 9.99 a month Netflix charged me for adding the disk in the mail. That is 2 movies a month paid on Amazon, I was watching about that maybe less sometimes, and I dont have to wait for it to be mailed to me, I just stream it thru my PS3.

    • Netflix has twice the streaming shows and movies then netflix, I tried Amazon prime for one day and then cancelled my account….Sorry for a buck more Ill stick with Netflix anyday..