NYC mayor blames iOS gadget thefts for city’s rise in crime


New York City’s crime rate ticked up a bit in 2012, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he knows what’s to blame: iPhones, iPads(s AAPL) and the people who steal them.

The city counted 108,432 “major crimes” during 2012, which is 3,484, or 3.3 percent more than the 104,948 major crimes in the city last year. Meanwhile, Apple product thefts rose by 3,890 during the year.

The mayor’s spokesperson noted that “[i]f you just took away the jump in Apple, we’d be down for the year,” the New York Times reported.

New York City is not the only major metro area dealing with a wave of smartphone thefts. For 2012, the city of San Francisco reported that about half of all robberies involved a phone, and usually took place on a subway or a bus.

Because of the uptick in phone thefts, this year carriers and the FCC worked together to create a national stolen phone database. Third-party consumer electronics resellers have also stepped up their efforts to prevent resale of stolen devices.

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i wonder how many fake police reports are filed each year by people trying to get a free phone as an ‘insurance replacement?’


There are probably a lot; however, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint (carriers on the iPhone) will not replace a lost or stolen iPhone with another iPhone. It’s not fair to the people who truly have their phone stolen, but it’s probably the only way the carriers can keep all the dishonest humans from getting a free iPhone every time they “lose” their device.


How about blaming the criminals for the rise in crime? In South Africa they want to punish woman that wear short skirts because it tempts men to rape them. How about punishing the men that rape?

Ben Branam

That’s why they call him”Snow Plow Bloomburge!” It’s to his fault crime is up in the city, it’s Apple’s. it’s not his fault that murders happen in the city, it’s the gun manufacturers. It’s not his fault the city couldn’t keep the streets plowed last season, it’s the .. Snow’s fault? How crazy he sound to make a statement like that. Maybe they should outlaw apple devises in New York to get the crime to go down?

Hah haaaa!

well, you took away their “Big Gulp” (7Eleven) sugar high, so they’ve resorted to thievery.

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