12 Responses to “Why 2012 was the year of the e-single”

  1. jbroadhurst

    Interesting. Thanks for the article. “Snow Fall” was beautifully produced.

    It sounds like more of these might actually be vetted for quality and edited, and I’m all for that. I just loathe the term “e-single,” though. Surely, we can come up with a better word? Or is it already too late?

  2. This article was inspiring as my extremely short attention span (yes, ADHD) doesn’t allow me to read or write epic (200+ pages for me!) tomes. All of my ‘Det. Nick Chandler Blood Series’ books will be 5-8k long. Now I can feel OK about that!

  3. Phil Cohen

    It was a terrific piece of journalism that made excellent use of the data that was being collected during the descent. Would like to experiment with the tools themselves. Can someone tell me which software was used to assemble the article?


    Phil Cohen

  4. Kris Tuttle

    I find the most interesting part of this the fact that content that doesn’t “fit” into a model like a book or magazine article can find a new one. We’ve all seem a few “full length books” that were basically stretched to make it long enough – just the opposite of what you want to do as a writer.

    These shorts may or may not be “the format of our time” but I doI think we will be seeing more different models for all types of content including films, news, and art.

  5. Greg Golebiewski

    I just wonder if the success of e-singles (the term is most unfortunate; it suggests some dating service rather than a short story) would have been noticed without the NYT’s Snow Falling?… You guys are so far behind the news…

  6. This is an astounding revelation for me. As a screenwriting with a project better birthed as a novel rather than a film, E-singles are a perfect film for future endeavors

  7. Excellent article on an emerging trend. I’d be interested in the opinions of those-who-know-more-than-I about the chances of the e-single catching on as a format for fiction.

    Random thought: The multi-media component of e-singles is only beginning to be exploited. Once it takes off, though, it could be key to the form’s appeal.