Netflix is down: AWS outage takes down service on some devices


Updated: Netflix (s NFLX) is inaccessible for users on some devices on Christmas Eve, thanks to an outage of Amazon’s 9s AMZN) AWS cloud infrastructure. There is no word from Amazon when the issue will be fixed. Netflix officially acknowledged the issue on Twitter:

However, there’s some good news for affected users: Netflix Cloud Architect Adrian Cockroft reported on Twitter that the service is only affected on some devices, while others are working fine. In other words: If Netflix isn’t streaming on the device of your choice, try accessing it via other means before you give up. Cockroft tweeted Monday afternoon:

First reports about a Netflix outage popped up online around 1 p.m. PT. Shortly thereafter, Amazon started reporting that some of its Elastic Load Balancers are down. The company’s last status report, issued at 4:15p.m. PT, reads:

“We continue to experience increased errors for Elastic Load Balancing API calls in the US-EAST-1 region and continue to work towards resolution.”

We will update this post as soon as we know more.

Update 1 (5p.m.): A Netflix spokesperson emailed us the following statement:

“We are experiencing a partial outage late this afternoon (Pacific Time) that affects a number of streaming devices. Our team is working hard to address the problems and get the service fully up and running again.”

There are some reports of users who are able to use Netflix with their PCs without any issue.

Update 2 (5:10p.m.): It’s worth noting that AWS East, which is at the heart of this outage, has had multiple serious outages over the last several months.

Also, wondering what a Elastic Load Balancer actually does, at least when it’s working? Amazon has a somewhat technical explainer on its website. (thanks Susan!)

Update 3 (5:20p.m.): Users on Twitter are reporting that the DramaFever streaming service is down as well, and the website is currently inaccessible. It’s unclear whether this was caused by the same AWS outage.

Update 4 (6:10p.m.):  DramaFever has confirmed that it is affected by the same AWS issue as Netflix.

Update 5 (6:45p.m.): Amazon’s latest update on the situation, time-stamped 5:49p.m. PT, doesn’t sound very promising:

“We continue to work on resolving issues with the Elastic Load Balancing Service in the US-EAST-1 region. Traffic for some ELBs are currently experiencing significant levels of traffic loss.”

Update 6 (9:32p.m.): Roku has confirmed that its service is also affected by the outage, with Roku players complaining about Internet connectivity issues. A spokesperson sent me the following statement:

“Confirmed that the AWS outage is affecting services for some Roku users. Our technical folks are actively monitoring the situation.”

Meanwhile, Amazon is still having issues, and Netflix remains unavailable for a large number of users.

Update 7 (11:30p.m.): Amazon now says it is “in the process of recovering the service” and Netflix’s Adrian Cockroft is reporting on Twitter that things are looking up for users of the service:

Update 8 (12/25, 9:40a.m.): The outage is officially over. Here is what Netflix tweeted earlier this morning:



Just got off the phone with ATT for 30 minutes only to find its Netflixs fault. Don’t make me ditch you, Netflix and get a crappy Redbox subscription, that would be gross.


Think they would sound more caring about their customers. Wonder how they would feel if our payments did not work.


This outage would occur the night I’m working overnight… SMH at Netflix PR rep for the ‘little white lie’; re: Netflix being down on some devices. I have tried 4 different devices (ps3, Samsung galaxy2, kindle fire, and an Ipad3) all devices are giving the same error message: “trying to connect to an available network”… this is so lame and Hulu is crap…. Please be advised Netflix, I will be calling on Wednesday for a credit for this month services, your services interruption has become a big inconvenience.


Not only can I not watch it on T.V. using my Wii, I cannot access it on my computer. So I’m SOL. I’ve been having a bad day and just wanted to watch a movie and unwind. This isn’t helping.


can’t wait for redbox streaming service to go online. Quiet evening with kids watching christmas movies ruined!!!


Of course. It lets me update my info instantly like my credit card. Now can’t even play anything except on computer. Cant even log in to cancel or suspend until this crap is solved. Logged back in literally 2 minutes after it didn’t work on my ps3 and phones. This was about 6 minutes total from the time I updated my credit card #. Screen says having difficulties. BS you can take my money but won’t let me stop or return. It was just fine taking my money.


I can’t wait for redbox instant to go online. nice evening with the kids watching christmas movies ruined!

mc mike

noooooo just started my free trial yesterday curse you netflix i was planing on watching daniel da louis kick some ass in last of the mohicans

Karen Strickholm

It’s not the fault of Netfix, it’s the fault of Amazon’s cloud server. Netflix can and should sue for damages, not only lost revenue but damage to their brand. This should have/would have been a peak night for them. What a shame.

Brian Alley

Netflix damaged their own brand when the ceo decided his bonus was more important than the service they had been built on.


Finally someone else on here to gets that cloud services like AWS and Azure aren’t the right solution for this type of application which supports the bulk of a companies revenue. I won’t say who but I work for a real hosting provider and our clients wouldn’t put up with this for one second much less every other month.

Santa's Helper

Mine worked via Wii earlier, but now it doesn’t. Hasn’t worked on the Roku player at all.


PC streaming appears to work. No luck on the Blu-Ray player trying to stream Netflix. Had issues last night with repeated rebuffering which normally does not occur.


Aint no engeneers working right now, I’m the engeneer for netflix and I’m sitting at home with my dog :)

Toby Anders

Ten Bucks, you are full of shit. Unless Engeneers. Don’t know how to Spell Engineers. Lol Moron.


I agree Eric! Amazon has no big incentive to really jump in and fix any issues affecting Netflix! If Netflix is smart, they’ll somehow team up with Microsoft and use their Azure services before it’s too late!


Both azure and AWS are not really good for a truly enterprise level mission critical applications They are for Joe for just wants to run his own website.

Brian Alley

Why should Netflix start showing any respect for it’s customers now? They haven’t since they first doubled their price.


everyone of these companies tries to maximize profit by running the minimal amount of hardware possible. it doesn’t take a genius to realize there is going to be an increased demand around christmas when its winter and most people are off work and want to watch a movie with family. well way to go netflix! i am sure as a result of your outage that you should have seen coming that you lost a lot of customers and your stock is going to take a hit. was it really worth not adding a little more hardware? idiots.


I don’t know about that. I bought my parents a Netflix subscription. I think their sales will be up. I also know its X-mas and I feel bad for the people who are working to get this fixed,. Lighten up.


A) lighten up? they took a job and failed in it. also why don’t you look up the stock? (NFLX) it already is dropping. and as far as you buying your parents netflix as a gift, i am sure they enjoyed getting a prsent THAT DOESNT WORK. why don’t you read a few of the comments from other people on this page alone and see how many people are sick of netflix’s bs like this and are dumping the service. you getting a new subscription here is in the MINORITY!


lighten up? the engineers /employees of netflix took a job and failed at it. and we should feel sorry for them failing at there job? NFLX stock is already dropping . i am sure that your parents appreciate you giving them a git THAT DOESNT WORK! also read the comments on this page alone. many ppl are sick of netflix’s bs and are quitting the service. you, as a new subscriber, are a definite minority! do you think that service being down for almost all of the day and night of christmas eve is an attractive markewting tool? you’re either a troll or a netflix employee. either way you’re a moron.

jj jippersmitty

For $8 per month, I cannot complain-I can find something to do until then… bake cookies, paint a picture, read a book, write a song, play with my dogs, the list is endless. Thanks Netflix for all you do, especially to those working on the issue during the holidays!


Ha ha ha! Wasn’t it just a couple of months ago they were patting themselves in the back saying how well they managed with these type of outages. . .

Irish Allison

This isn’t fair. We want to watch movies on Xmas ant cant because something is wrong with your server well plz fix it I fell you owe all the people who have this.


I echo that, tried all of my devices and nothing works. Really, what a joke, movie selection normally to be desired, let alone this.

Eric Holodnak

Anyone else think it’s odd that Amazon has been trying to promote Instant by pulling shows from Netflix for their own service. Then, an Amazon based cloud crashes, ruining Netflix and yet…Amazon Instant seems to be working just fine?



It’s because amazon actually builds there streaming service in a dedicated environment. AWS is good for development or testing…or low traffic applications. but not for anything truly mission critical. Amazon won’t even use its own hosting service.


Something smells for sure…perhaps Amazon, as a good faith holiday gesture, could make their instant programming free until the Netflix problem is repaired?

Hahaha!!! Probably not.


I was thinking the same thing until I couldn’t get Amazon Prime on my ROKU. We’re streaming now through the T-Mobile network!


Come on Netflix, post info on YOUR website, were you always direct us with a code that means nothing?


I think it is a Christmas Present, maybe I can get the family to play a board game instead!

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