Why we should be excited about the future


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Peter Diamandis, Chairman & CEO, X Prize Foundation speaking at Google’s Zeitgeist 2012.


Horatio Pony

He says this when criminals are looting the financial system and destroying listed technology companies like Netflix? The most innovative thing Diamandis could do is to have the techies of Silicon Valley become the new financiers, and make Wall Street/East Cost obsolete in terms of finance, banking, and political influence.

Vinod Shintre

loved the line “experts tell you what cannot be done”
“innovators do the exact opposite” ;-)

Lindsworth Horatio Deer

Amazon patents Fall Prevention Technology for smartphones and Tablets – Amazon’s patent that’s Hyde Park on Hudson http://t.co/JaLcFNX

William Pitcher

Don’t mean to be the typo police, but you might want to double-check that heading. Oui oui?

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