This year on Kickstarter: GigaOM’s top 10 favorite campaigns



Goal: $250,000
Amount pledged:  $1,209,423

One of several Kickstarter campaigns in the Internet of Things category, SmartThings wants to give people an easy way to connect the physical world and the digital one. When the company ships its products later this month (although some are further behind schedule and will ship in February), they will include an app environment, a SmartHub that connects and houses the intelligence for the sensors, and the sensors themselves. Those sensors can, for example, notify you when a pet runs out the back door, the door to a safe has been cracked open or even let you know when you have a new Twitter follower by making your lights dim. On top of its Kickstarter earnings, the company this week said it raised $3 million more from venture capital firms and angels. 

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