This year on Kickstarter: GigaOM’s top 10 favorite campaigns


Safecast X Geiger Counter

Goal: $4,000
Amount pledged: $104,268

Designed by Xbox hacker and Chumby co-founder Andrew “Bunnie” Huang, the Safecast X open-source geiger counter was created as a way to help citizens of Japan detect radiation in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Safecast, a nonprofit group led by Sean Bonner, started creating an open-source database of radiation contamination immediately after the March 2011 earthquake-triggered crisis and teamed up with Huang when it wasn’t able to collect real-time, accurate and localized data. Produced by Geiger manufacturer International Medcom, the device was designed for everyday use and includes extensive logging capabilities, the ability to work in scenarios where Internet and power have been out for days and a sensor that can detect all three forms of radiation. Now, with a $400,000 grant from the Knight Foundation, Safecast is creating a real time map of air quality data of Los Angeles and is similarly working on an open-source device to collect that data.


Juan Acevedo

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