This year on Kickstarter: GigaOM’s top 10 favorite campaigns



Goal: $35,000
Amount pledged: $106,330

As space exploration becomes more privatized, the folks behind ArduStat want to give the general public a way to explore the final frontier. ArduStat will be a mini satellite with more than 25 sensors (including cameras, a Geiger counter, spectrometer and more) connected to a bank of user-programmable Arduino processors. Those who want to harness it can write their own code, use code available online or try out a template that ArduStat’s makers will create for its backers. Ideas for ArduStat apps include programs for photographing the sunset over the horn of Africa, sampling the upper atmosphere to learn about biomarkers and detecting meteors vaporizing over Europe. In addition to its backers, it’s attracted the support of Discovery and Astronomy magazines.

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