Cord Cutters: Testing the Android-based Cloud TV Box


The Cloud TV Box uses Android(s goog) to bring online video to the TV screen. It’s definitely not Google TV, but is it better? Let’s take a look:

Show notes for this episode:

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Thanks for the insightful article. You mentioned in the first paragraph that “There’s been a flood of boxes coming from Asia that bring Android to your TV. Some of them simply blow up a mobile phone UI on the big screen.”

Can you give a list of (brand) boxes that do that – blow up a mobile phone’s UI on the big screen?



I guess that in the Android Box space the manufacturer and the personalization of the box is what really matters, just like the beginning of Android in the phone space. For example Samsung was able to master Android better than other companies and therefore they got ahead of everyone else. I have been using a box with very localized listings (for Mexico) and user interfase and I use it more than my Google TV and Apple TV. I guess


Typo in the second bullet point btw
Also in addition to the video can there be a text run down of the device for us to read when we can’t watch the video

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