Leanback TV app Stevie releases iPhone version, raises $1.5M


Social video curation app Stevie is now available on the iPhone (s AAPL) as well, and the company behind it has raised $1.5 million to finance further development, including an expansion to Android. (S GOOG) The folks behind Stevie announced a $1.5 million dollar Series A round of funding from Li Ka-shing’s Horizons Ventures Thursday.

Stevie’s new iPhone app as well as the existing iPad and web apps present its users a number of themed “shows,” which consist of non-stop streams of videos related to subjects like comedy, music and celebrity gossip. All of that is accompanied by a number of tickers displaying Facebook(s fb) updates, tweets and more. It’s like 1980ies MTV meets internet video, with some social mixed in for good measure.

But the app hasn’t done a lot of personalization of these show formats. That’s going to change in the next few months, according to Stevie CEO Yael Givon and her co-founder Gil Rimon. Both told me Tuesday that they want to focus on refining their product next year, and that most of the newly-raised money will be spent on development.

Aside from personalization, they also plan to launch an Android app within the first quarter of 2013, as well as add additional sources of content and bring some second-screen functionality to the iPhone version.

Stevie is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Including the newly-announced funding, it has raised a total of $2.1 million.


Yael Givon

Severs were overwhelmed for a bit, but got back pretty quickly, so it shouldn’t have been a long problem and anyway we’re taking care of it… very sorry if you couldn’t reach it at all :-(
Regarding long waits, sometimes it’s Facebook that takes really long, so loading times may increase in these cases. Hope its all better now, and thanks again for the write up Janko.


This might be interesting if either the web page or iphone app worked.

Janko Roettgers

They don’t? I unfortunately didn’t have a chance to test the iPhone app. I did end up playing some more with the iPad app last night, and noticed a pretty long loading time before things finally started up. Maybe their servers are just overwhelmed?

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