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Wunderlist 2 finally appears, with features pointing to a more collaborative future

Fans of Wunderlist will want to click on ‘update’ – two years after it first delivered for the web and iPhone, Berlin-based 6Wunderkinder has finally rolled out version 2 of the service for iPhone, Mac, Android, Windows and the web.

Wunderlist 2 features Retina display support, enhances cross-device cloud synchronization and introduces reminders, recurring tasks and subtasks. It also brings in a consistent notification system (somehow not previously a feature of a task management tool used by over three million people) that allows users to receive updates via push, email or through a new Activity Center.

Wunderlist 2 Activity CenterThere’s quite a significant UI refresh going on here, too. The bottom bar (‘lists’, ‘overdue’ and so on) is gone, replaced by a new Smart Lists feature that only shows stuff when it’s relevant, such as when it’s due today. There’s now a pull-in sidebar.

Basically, the tool has now been both significantly revised and made ready for more regularly-released iterations in the future.

“Wunderlist 2 lays the foundations for a much broader use case,” 6Wunderkinder CEO Christian Reber told me. “We have made sure that we are now ready for the mass market… starting with a re-engineered, highly scalable and quickly extendible API, completely rewritten native clients for iPhone, Android, Web, Windows and Mac. Wunderlist is now ready for massive growth, not only in terms of users but also in terms of features. We are now capable of adding new features within just a few weeks – which now makes Wunderlist very competitive.”

Of course, the really big deal is that bit about all the various platform versions of the app now being natively written.

As Reber explained to us previously, the first iteration of Wunderlist was an Appcelerator Titanium affair – great for getting platform spread, but not so much for achieving maximum performance and stability on each platform. These are the benefits 6Wunderkinder is going for this time round, even if they mean version 2 misses some platforms on release, such as Linux, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

This was a major investment for the company – so much so that it meant killing off the only moderately-successful Wunderkit product. And in some ways, I see the new version of Wunderlist as showing how the app is heading towards a more collaborative future that picks up where the doomed Wunderkit left off. Lists can be more easily shared, as Wunderlist now integrates the device’s address book, along with Facebook contacts. The new version also wants you to upload a name and profile picture.

It seems to be a smart evolution for 6Wunderkinder’s service, which is already seeing an average of 125,000 new registrations a month, and certainly one that shows the wisdom of concentrating on one product, rather than multiple similar-but-not-quite variants.

12 Responses to “Wunderlist 2 finally appears, with features pointing to a more collaborative future”

  1. For me previous verion was, by far, bette. No major improvements are included in the new one and the response is much more slower. Definitly I would keep wunderlist 1.

  2. Major problems with Wunderlist 2. They really bombed with it and now neither Wunderlist nor Wunderlist 2 have worked properly for nearly 3 weeks. I loved the first version but the mess they have made with this new version has driven me elsewhere. My list have been inaccessible on several platforms for over 3 weeks.
    Way to screw up a good thing guys!

  3. Just downloaded on my Macbook Air and iPhone and everything worked swimmingly. I also installed it on my wife’s phone. No issues for us. Really like the changes they’ve made since v 1.0. This is just the app I’ve been looking for. The collaborative feature is awesome!

  4. I have Linux desktop as my home PC, Windows and Mac in my job, and Android as my mobile.
    Now I have a problem in my home, so if there is not an update for Linux, I have to find something else. So please let us know, your plans … Thanks.

  5. Shawn Honeychurch

    Just to let everyone know, Wunderlist 2 DOES import all your existing lists and appointments from the original Wunderlist, but it can be very slow to do so, it took about 5 minutes for my setup.

    Overall very slow and unresponsive, feels like I’m using it on a very old computer, instead of a brand new Windows 8 computer.

    Backgrounds are uninspired, come on guys, you must have an artist somewhere to make some cool backgrounds.

    The new detail view is nice, but that is about it, overall it’s a fine update, but certainly not worth the big fan fair of version 2.

  6. Just installed. On both my laptop and iPhone, I frequently get “Whoops, it seems there was a problem reaching the server. Please try again.” is this thing reliable? Terrible experience so far.

    • Looks like they’re getting inundated with people wanting to set up the new app. Getting a “We’re unable to handle the heavy traffic load…” message from their site as of 1452 PST.

      • Shawn Honeychurch


        On my Mac I have Wunderlist 1, keeps gives a synchronize failed error. I wunder if this means we have to go to version 2. Because honestly I think I like version 1 better.