Apple issues iOS 6 update to fix Wi-Fi bug


Apple released an update for iOS on Tuesday, version 6.0.2. This update looks like it was rolled out to squash a particularly annoying bug some iPhone users were experiencing: trouble connecting to or staying connected to Wi-Fi networks.

When releasing the software update, Apple didn’t specify the nature of the bug. But a look at the company’s online support forums show a variety of complaints┬árelated to accessing some local networks.

The complaints popped up after iOS 6’s release in September, and the problems persisted even after Apple released 6.0.1 in November.

iOS 6.0.2 update

The update is available now via iTunes.

iOS 6 was released in September and is already Apple’s fastest-adopted mobile OS. According to one measure, in the U.S. and Canada iOS 6 is the fastest-adopted mobile OS yet.


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