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Apple issues iOS 6 update to fix Wi-Fi bug

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Apple(s AAPL) released an update for iOS on Tuesday, version 6.0.2. This update looks like it was rolled out to squash a particularly annoying bug some iPhone users were experiencing: trouble connecting to or staying connected to Wi-Fi networks.

When releasing the software update, Apple didn’t specify the nature of the bug. But a look at the company’s online support forums show a variety of complaints related to accessing some local networks.

The complaints popped up after iOS 6’s release in September, and the problems persisted even after Apple released 6.0.1 in November.

iOS 6.0.2 update

The update is available now via iTunes.

iOS 6 was released in September and is already Apple’s fastest-adopted mobile OS. According to one measure, in the U.S. and Canada iOS 6 is the fastest-adopted mobile OS yet.

9 Responses to “Apple issues iOS 6 update to fix Wi-Fi bug”

  1. Spring Cook

    With the new updates it has made no difference and has even caused more grief. I listen to books and they wouldn’t down load. I called apple and they wouldn’t even speak with me until I paid then 20.00 even though it was their upgrade not my ipod. So we go through all of that and I didn’t get any help and then they over charged me 59.00!! Right before christmas and I told them I wanted my money back and they told me it would 4-6 weeks. This all took place the same time and they can’t refund me the same day!!! They want their money now, but can’t give you your money back now!! Watch yourself when you call them they will take your money, but it is a problem getting it back!!!

  2. Owned an Android and came back to Iphone 5. What the heck Apple seriously no WIFI in my home? Everything else works fine. And then you get my hopes up with 6.0.2 and it makes no change at all!!!!! Last iphone ever!

  3. StuartDMT

    Been having WiFi problems since I first got my iPhone5 only 2 weeks after launch. I have had it replaced 3 times because of verified speed issues (0.5 Mbps top download from 17 Mbps source.) I just installed iOS 6.0.2 and there is no change in performance. Hours of phone time with Apple, massive amounts of information sent to them regarding the problems and still no acceptable service. The sad have just gotten sadder.

    • Having the same problem with my iphone 5, just did the update and still unable to connect on wifi or even “stay connected”. I phone apple tech support and just got off the phone with them a few minutes ago and the verdict is “thanks for the update”. We will advise senior technical department.
      Not sure what will happen next.