Washington Post signs up with NewsCred in push for dollars, exposure


NewsCred, which offers publishers and brands a growing library of elite news content, announced this week that the Washington Post(s wpo) is the latest to join its syndication service.

According to NewsCred CEO Shafqat Islam, clients had been requesting Post content, especially in light of the recent political season. The deal means those clients will now receive a stream of licensed, curated Post articles in addition to content from the likes of Bloomberg, Reuters and the Economist.

For the Post, the deal means a new revenue stream but could also represent a strategic opportunity. Specifically, NewsCred distributes to a growing number of international publishers and brands — an arrangement that could help the Post overcome perceptions that it has become a declining, regional publication. The Post has been in the process of reevaluating its business model, and plans to launch a paywall in 2013.

“[W]e are always looking for new ways to reach potential readers,” said a Post spokesperson by email. “By working with NewsCred, we are able to distribute our content in a trusted format and share our quality journalism with digital publishers and brands around the world.”

For NewsCred, the Post deal is the latest coup for a company that has recently emerged from nowhere to become a leading international news broker. In October, NewsCred buttressed its syndication business with the acquisition of cloud publishing service Daylife.


R. Seafroth

I have been watching the explosive growth of NewsCred, and it is easy to see that they are on a track to becoming a major force in the media world. The leadership power at NewsCred is obvious.

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