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Hulu made $695M in 2012, now has 3M Hulu Plus subscribers

Hulu generated $695 million in revenue in 2012, according to a year-end blog post published by its CEO Jason Kilar Monday morning. The service was also able to grow its base of Hulu Plus subscribers — who pay $7.99 per month for streaming — to more than three million. In 2011, Hulu made a little more than $400 million, with less than 1.5 million Hulu Plus subscribers.

Here are some other key metrics shared by Kilar:

  • In addition to traditional PCs and laptops, Hulu Plus is now available via than 320 million connected devices in the U.S.
  • Hulu grew its content offering by 40 percent in 2012. The company now offers 60,000 TV episodes, 2,300 TV series, and 50,000 hours of video across Hulu and Hulu Plus.
  • Hulu invested more than $500 million in content this year, and has paid more than $1 billion to content owners since its launch.
  • This year, Hulu served more than 1,000 advertisers — 28 more than in 2011.
  • The number of paying subscribers for Hulu Japan tripled in comparison to last year, but the company didn’t release any absolute numbers.

Last time around, Kilar predicted that Hulu Plus would amount for more than 50 percent of Hulu’s revenue in 2012. He didn’t mention that goal in this post, but we’ve been hearing that the company safely crossed that mark, meaning that Hulu is now first and foremost a subscription service that also has a healthy ad business.

Kilar made as much clear in his post, where he attributed the company’s success to both lines of its business:

“At Hulu, we are doubly fortunate in that we are at the crest of two massive waves that we believe will persist for the long term: the rise of online video advertising and the rise of online video subscription services.”

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