Google Maps for iOS downloaded 10M times last week


How badly was the Google Maps app for the iPhone(s aapl) missed? After arriving in the iOS App Store last Wednesday evening, in just 48 hours, the app was downloaded 10 million times, Google(s GOOG) announced Monday.

It was clear by Thursday morning that the app was going to be popular. By that time, Google Maps had already shot to the top of the App Store’s free iPhone download charts. But the release of the exact number helps illuminate the demand for Google’s app after Apple dropped it from automatic inclusion in iOS 6.

The number is just downloads — it doesn’t indicate how many people are actually using the app since grabbing it from the App Store. Users desperate to recreate the previous experience of having Google’s maps be the default when looking up directions on the iPhone were likely disappointed, however. Apple Maps is now the default navigation app, but some third-party app makers can set their apps to detect if Google Maps is installed and use directions or location data from Google instead of Apple.

Some iPhone users may be using Google’s new app whenever possible. Others may find they just want to have the trusted mapping app as back up.


Munish K Gupta

Google should had made the Maps App as a Paid App and charge 99 cents. Turn around and claim, how Apple makes 30% of the money from user’s when it owns alternative sucks!


Only 10 million times. Seems a very small number with regard to iPhones and other iOS devices. But perhaps its large when compared to just other mapping apps.


Nice post and I really enjoyed it while reading. I recently used this google map app in my phone and it seems to be very helpful. So I really like this app.


I downloaded it on my iPad, even though it’s a phone app and not optimized for the iPad. I’ve not upgraded my iPad os to version 6, because I use the transit routing that was built into the old maps, and haven’t been convinced that anything in iOs 6 is compelling yet to force the upgrade.

At least my first look at the Google maps wouldn’t make me want to switch. I have been disappointed with the new design look for all of the google apps I’ve seen. They all seem to emphasize bright color schemes and hidden gestures for features, and don’t seem as responsive as the older versions of the same apps.

Andre Goulet

The very first time I used it, it got me to the right place but wanted me to go the long, long way around, adding several kilometers to an 11-kilometer drive.

My Toyota nav system does this to me too.

I think people need to understand that you still have to pilot and navigate, that these apps and devices are aides, not answers.

Neill Killgore

So, what is 10 million as a percentage of the total user base? It seems like it’s probably pretty low.

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