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Minimalists: Check the OCDock and paper-thin USB cable for iPhone

Looking for an iPhone(s aapl) dock that might actually save you space and keep your desk less cluttered? The OCDock, a funded but still open Kickstarter project, may be just the thing, especially for iMac owners. The OCDock is designed to fit into the base of an iMac or Thunderbolt display. The included paper-thin USB cable hides under the computer base.

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Although I’ve seen or been pitched on most every iPhone dock in existence, the OCDock design is the closest to what I’d expect Apple itself to design. It’s minimal, functional and appears as an extension to other Apple products. Even the dock’s engineering impresses me: There’s a patent-pending spring-loading mechanism that expands or contracts depending on if your iPhone has a case. And of course, the dock holds your iPhone at an optimal angle for viewing, tapping or video calls.

OCDock spring

There are still eight days to get in on the project, which is scheduled to begin delivery next month. When so many Kickstarters deliver months down the line, how is this possible? The product is already designed, tested and ready to produce in large quantities, says the project team. “We have a working product ready to ship, but currently in small volumes it is too expensive to manufacture the dock and offer it at a reasonable price.”

The dock comes in two models. The standard OCDock is for iPhones with or without cases, while the OCDock mini is for naked iPhones. The team behind OCDock plans to sell these for $79, but you can get in early and save some cash. The OCDock is $59 through Kickstarter, while the mini version is $5 less. Either can be had in iMac Silver or Jet Black Matte.

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    • Raja, if you can’t see the logo on your iMac will you forget that Apple made it? ;) Kidding…. As far as the second point, a phone in the dock isn’t flush up against the iMac screen. There is room to tilt it upwards, although at some point, yes, the monitor will be hindered by the phone.