Wanna track your Amazon cloud costs? Here’s another way to do so

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a whole ecosystem of startups building businesses around making Amazon Web Services(s amzn) less inscrutable to business customers. And some of those startups are now partnering up with each other to provide a fuller suite of services..

Cloudyn CEO Sharon Wagner
Cloudyn CEO Sharon Wagner.

The latest partnership is between Cloudyn, which captures and analyzes info about user’s AWS utilization — cost, performance and utilization of EC2 instances etc.  — and Scalr which helps users’ deploy and manage their cloud over time. Under a new pact, customers can see Cloudyn’s breakdown of their AWS usage on their Scalr dashboard  and get recommendations on a course of action. Once they choose an option, Scalr will automate it in one click, Sharon Wagner, CEO of Cloudyn told me via email.

Scalr itself supports Amazon, Eucalyptus, Cloudstack, Nimbula and Rackspace(s rax)clouds but the initial joint offering is for AWS only.

Newvem, another company that watches AWS usage for customers announced a slate of partnerships at AWS: Reinvent two weeks ago. Its partners include Cedexis, Cloudant, Datapipe, Garantia Data and others.

Other startups in this cloud monitoring field also include Cloud Vertical and on Wednesday, Apptio joined the fray with a free Apptio Cloud Express for tracking AWS, Windows(s msft) Azure and Rackspace workloads and making optimization recommendations.

All of these companies hope to carve off a piece of a growing market. Gartner(s it) estimates that enterprise spending on public cloud services will grow to $207 billion in 2016 from $109 billion this year. But cloud watchers will have to duke it out not only with each other but with the cloud providers themselves as they add more analytics to their own services. Amazon, for example, is beta testing a Trusted Advisor service which provides many of the same metrics as these third parties.