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Yahoo revamps Mail to make it faster, more efficient

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Email isn’t exactly sexy but it’s still one of the most popular applications Yahoo (s yhoo) provides. Now, it’s getting a facelift to make it faster, easier to use and more consistent across platforms, said Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer in a blog post on Tuesday.

The upgrade includes an updated web Mail version, new apps for iPhone (s aapl) and Windows 8 (s msft) and an upgrade to the Android app (s goog). By cutting out navigation steps, reducing the number of available buttons and rearranging different elements, Yahoo is hoping to make Yahoo Mail more useful and efficient for people. Yahoo Mail is also now optimized for reading on the mobile apps and more writing and inbox management for bigger screens.

Here’s a look at some of the improvements:

  • The inbox is better designed for triage, so users can file away, delete or act on emails faster. There’s infinite scrolling so the inbox is quicker to scan.
  • Logging in brings you directly into the inbox now and there are speed improvements to make it faster to compose and read email. Search is also improved to with auto-complete for web Mail and universal search across for mobile apps.
  • The number of button have been reduced on the mobile apps while the ability to view, send and resize photos has been simplified.
  • For Windows 8 users, they can see new incoming messages via Live Tiles and can keep the Mail app open along with other apps using Snapped View or Fill View.

Users can download the iOS, Android and Windows 8 apps now while the web Mail app will be rolled out in the coming days to users.

6 Responses to “Yahoo revamps Mail to make it faster, more efficient”

  1. The new mobile version sucks. Cannot get notifications. Must manually refresh to get new messages. Must sign in each time you want to check mail. Time to forward Yahoo to gmail and phase out this account.

  2. A UI overhaul is a great start but the discussion I’ve seen about this seems to focus on requiring the e-mail address, which nobody wants. Things will start to get really interesting if they open it up to business users with custom domains like Google does with its Apps products.

  3. The question is why didn’t they make these changes earlier? None of these interface changes are revolutionary. Almost any web-savvy Yahoo Mail user could have told them what to do. It was so infuriating that logging in did not take me directly to the inbox. Sending or replying to an email did not revert me back to the inbox.

    Also, what’s up with the blog posts by the CEO and the GM of Yahoo Mail? Both posts use a ridiculous picture ( that hardly shows any details. And this is supposed to be one of the biggest online media companies? Shameful!

  4. Danny 'iPod' Chan

    Exciting, but is it too late? I generally use Gmail all across the board, but I still have my Yahoo Mail to for when I sign up for “free offers,” i.e., spam.