Time Inc.’s MyRecipes.com launches e-cookbook series

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MyRecipes.com, the website that pulls together over 70,000 recipes from Time Inc. (s TWX) magazines, is publishing a new digital cookbook series. The cookbooks, at $3.99 each, include recipes from Time Inc.’s lifestyle magazines: Real SimpleFood & WineCooking LightSouthern LivingSunsetAll You and Coastal Living.

The first e-cookbook, “MyRecipes Best-Loved Cookies for Every Occasion,” contains 61 recipes and is available today at Amazon Kindle (s AMZN), Barnes & Noble Nook (s BKS) and the Apple (s AAPL) iBookstore. The second, “100-Calorie Snacks,” will be published in January.

The cookbooks are created with an ebook generator that ties into the MyRecipes CMS. “It empowers the editors to see what’s really popular and then get something out in the marketplace quickly,” Tina Imm, GM of Time Inc.’s Lifestyle Digital Group, said.

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Jordan Kurzweil

Absolutely the right idea. Entirely weak execution.

1 – Marketing and distribution: Try to find “MyRecipes Best-Loved Cookies for Every Occasion” in iTunes without searching. You can’t. Try to find a promotion for it on MyRecipes.com (probably the best and most powerful tool for Time Inc. to drive downloads. You can’t.

2 – Value proposition: You want $3.99 for what? Unrefined design and book interface. No enhancements for using in the kitchen. Recipes you can get via a simple search on MyRecipes.com for free (if it had a “highest rated filter”) without any editorial packaging to make the reader care (why should I cook this cookie?). Itsy bitsy little images. Strange page breaks.

On the plus side: Fast, reactive publishing. Links from the book/app back to MyRecipes.com.

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