Power matters: using ARM to reduce data center costs



A consumer using a computer to shop, email, search or any of the other myriad tasks now possible usually measures power consumption by the dollar figure on the monthly electrical bill. But as two recent highly controversial articles in the New York Times reiterated, U.S. data centers backing up those tasks consume as much as 2 percent of the nation’s power consumption. Long before the articles appeared, data centers were aware of the problem and had begun employing various strategies to lower cooling costs, eliminate redundancies, and improve power usage effectiveness (PUE).

Another solution is to deploy ultra-low-power servers that reduce data center power needs — in a sense, reinventing the server. How does the efficiency of this solution stack up against the alternatives? What are some specific use cases? For answers to these and many other questions, join GigaOM Pro and our sponsor Calxeda for “Power matters: using ARM to reduce data center costs,” a free analyst roundtable webinar on Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2012, at 10 a.m. PT.

Topics we’ll discuss:

  • Leveraging low-power servers to solve high-demanding workloads
  • The advantages and efficiencies of ARM-based servers for specific workloads such as storage
  • Demystifying and overcoming the challenges of switching to ARM

Our panel of experts includes:

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