Microsoft brings your photos to Xbox 360 via new SkyDrive app

Microsoft(s msft) is serious about wanting you — well everyone really — to put more of our stuff into SkyDrive, the company’s consumer-oriented storage cloud. On Tuesday, it launched a new app that lets you view your SkyDrive-based photos and video on the big-screen Xbox 360 console.

If you have a Windows Phone, the cleverly namedSkyDrive App for Xbox 360, lets you take photos and view them “almost immediately” on the big screen — provided you use one account sign-in for both Xbox Live and phone –according to Microsoft’s Inside SkyDrive blog.

Also, according to the blog:

” … the SkyDrive app for Xbox supports Kinect voice controls and gestures as well as remote and controller input. Yes, this means you can view a slide show of your SkyDrive photos just by talking to your Xbox… which is very, very cool. (Kinect voice controls are not available in all languages.)”

As GigaOM has reported — storage is ground zero in the fight by industry giants to win new users and keep existing customers both on the consumer front — with Apple(s aapl) iCloud, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google(s goog) Drive —  as well as in business accounts. In that arena Amazon(s amzn) Web Services, Google and Microsoft Azure have traded four price cuts in the last few weeks.

The new SkyDrive-Xbox connection could be a big deal for Microsoft which says SkyDrive — with its Windows 8 integration — has doubled usage over the past six months. Xbox-Kinect is one of Microsoft’s few undisputed hits in the consumer realm and it’s smart for the company to capitalize on that popularity.

For more check out the Microsoft video below:
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