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Video: Which Zagg keyboard is right for your iPad mini?

Looking for a protective case with a useful Bluetooth keyboard for an iPad(s aapl) mini? Consider the two offerings from Zagg, which I’ve been using for a few days. While both the Zagg Keys Mini 7 and Zagg Keys Mini 9 cases are priced the same at $89.99, they’re different sizes; hence the numbers in the product names.

As a result, they really cater towards different iPad mini users. Take a look a my comparison to see what I mean:

While both of the Zagg keyboard cases provide some protection for an iPad mini, there’s no closure mechanism on either. I’m not a fan of that as the case could easily open if dropped. I do like the wireless keyboards, however.

The 7-inch model is a bit too cramped for my tastes, but of course the 9-inch version is bigger and heavier. It’s a question of sacrifice: Do you mind extra bulk and weight for a wider keyboard or would you rather use a minimalistic keyboard and case? That depends on your preferences, of course. Either way, Zagg has you covered.

14 Responses to “Video: Which Zagg keyboard is right for your iPad mini?”

  1. Robert Duncan III

    I hav found the keyboard after a month will not keep a charge it also decides to come on and function for a while then dead again. Is there a way to change the battery.

  2. Craig Campbell

    I’m waiting to see if Logitech brings out a Mini version of their ultrathin keyboard cover. It’s by far the best keyboard case for the iPad 2/3/4 in my opinion.

  3. Not even zagg cared to give the weight of their keyboards. This is strange as one of the reasons to pick up an iPad mini and not the bigger one is the lightness of the smaller device