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Interview: Spotify exec on royalties and keeping labels happy

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Spotify boasts over 18 million songs for listeners to stream — helped, no doubt, by being part-owned by major labels themselves.

But major artists likeĀ Adele, Coldplay, deadmau5 Taylor Swift and Rihanna have, over the last year, withheld their latest albums from streaming services, hoping for a downloads pay-day before a streaming long tail.

So how does Spotify manage the label relationships, and what will it take to make the service as popular everywhere as it is in its native Sweden? I asked label relations director Will Hope in this video interview at Spotify’s recent features event

One Response to “Interview: Spotify exec on royalties and keeping labels happy”

  1. I don’t give a rat’s behind what anyone from Spotify has to say about their business tactics. I have the proof in my receipts about how much they “pay” for downloads. Most of the time, they are GIVING my songs away, documenting the transactions and paying me fractions of a penny, usually reporting just enough of the sale to equal less than 1/2 cent, which they then round off to ZERO, Then, I have had them report sales on CONSECUTIVE DAYS to avoid having a cumulative total of even ONE CENT. As for the rate they pay…you never can tell what the rate will be. It is a mystery number pattern/guessing game. Every once in a while, they screw up and have to pay me a penny or two. I tried to get CDBaby to take my songs off of Spotify and was told, “The digital distribution is all or none. If you take it off one site, you have to take it off all of them. Naturally, I bit the bullet, and took my bitter pill. I make money on most of the other download sites, so I have to accept the bad with the good. But Spotify, in my opinion, is cooking the books, and I am small potatoes compared to some of the major acts who are ALSO getting ripped off. Spotify got into this business KNOWING what the pay rate for streaming songs was, and apparently, it wasn’t enough for them, because now they are trying to get that rate LOWERED. Go for it, jerks. Keep it ALL. Just don’t tell me how happy you are to “serve” me.