Instagram launches redesign of camera and photo experience


Instagram (s fb) plans to announce a major redesign of the app on Monday in version 3.2, making improvements to the in-app camera feature as well as changes to the newsfeed and the addition of a new filter.

The changes come as a reminder that even as some users are angry with Instagram for cutting off direct access within Twitter, the app still has more than 100 million users and a strong following that appreciates the speed at which photos load and the inherently social nature of the app.

A few of the updates users will see in the new version of Instagram, which the company plans to announce in a blog post later today:

  • The biggest change to the app comes with the in-app camera software, used by those who take a photo within the app and then post it to the social network (instead of selecting from the camera roll). The camera page is re-designed with new graphics and an Instagram-styled shutter button, and previews from the camera roll will now appear below the shutter. Users can add a grid on top of the screen while snapping the photos, as well as add a grid while scaling and cropping in the editing process.
  • Users will see updates to the tilt-shift feature (the optional blur that makes your photos look extra-artsy) that will improve the blur quality on full-sized photos. In other words, the blur will supposedly look more natural, and Instagram declared: “With this update the blur you see is now the blur you’ll get!” The tilt-shift does appear strangely sometimes when you see photos in full view (especially on Facebook or on Instagram’s website), so this could create an improved experience.
  • Filtered photos will now be saved to a separate folder called “Instagram” on iOS, rather than the general camera roll.
  • The app will see a redesigned newsfeed with larger photos that are “easier to digest” when scrolling through.
  • The company has added a new filter called Willow, which it describes as: “a monochrome filter with subtle purple tones and a translucent glowing white border.” Instagram doesn’t add new photo filters often, and since people often have favorites (in fact, your favorite filter can say a lot about you as a person) it’s interesting to note.

Here the company shows the updated tilt-shift in action on the right-hand side:

Instagram tilt-shift screenshot

Needless to say, when your users are clamoring for a more precise blur and newly-colored filters, it’s pretty clear that you’ve build a product that they care about. And that’s a good thing for Instagram to keep in mind as Twitter plans rolls out its own photo-filtering product and the social photo wars keep escalating.

Instagram photo screenshot camera update Instagram 3.2 camera redesign screenshot Instagram screenshot update



Ugh i just updated yesterday and I wish I researched the reviews before i did! I hate, hate, HATE that it flips the picture when you take it with the front camera. That was one of the reasons why i loved instagram!!


I hate the new up grade and the fact that you can’t crop the pic the way you want, and also why is it that you have to delete pics off your IG individually you should be able to delete as many as you want at one time once you select them…. You guys need to fix that!!!!!


I am very upset with the update. the main thing I do not like is that when you take a picture with the front camera it flips the picture just like with the regular camera on my phone. this was why I loved Instagram so much because it didn’t flip my pictures. i also hate that you cannot put a filter on the picture before you take the picture. I would love if you would please turn this back to the way it was. I wish this would have been said before I updated my app. I am very very very angry with this update. I’m starting to want to delete my account.


I am having a major problem with the new camera and unable to post any Instagram photo or info from my iphone4s I didn’t have the problem until I upgraded the app for Instagram on the phone It won’t take a photo and it just blanks out and takes me back to my menu. Not happy with this. I can see friends posts but can’t post anything from my phone


the only matter is the crop thing. a lot of users taking a photo by their digital camera and edited by instagram. landacape or portrait are their option to choose, but you just dont give them an option. just throw away the 3×3 photo cropping! make it 3×4 or more


Your new photo cropping thingy is not great the last version was better! way better!!! I can’t even fit most of my pics in the allotted space given for cropping please give us!!! the Instagram user the option to switch back to the last version aloha and mahal…. kanuku808

Sheena Taylor

I’m having the same problem. I really wish that Facebook would stop messing up these apps that I’ve become attached to. I’m so angry about that right now.

Nathaly V. Vargas

it sucks! you cant zoom in or upload from other apps & make it open on instagram you pretty much have to guess on what its gonne look like


I absolutely hate the new update. I hate that you can’t change filters before actually taking the photo. Oh, and also how it’s so zoomed in! Awful. Wish I wouldn’t have updated Instagram.

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