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Judge calls for “global patent peace” as Apple, Samsung fight anew

Apple(s AAPL) and Samsung were back in court Thursday for the first major hearing since Apple’s trouncing of the Android device maker in August with a $1 billion verdict. But rather than making progress on the remaining points of contention — alleged juror misconduct, product sales bans, and a reduction or increase in Apple’s jury award — the hearing went on for three and a half hours, bogging down with continual disagreements from both sides.

Here’s a brief roundup of what happened in the first day of the two companies’ long appeals process:

  • Samsung’s attorneys tried to push the issue of the jury foreman who they say hid information about his potential biases against Samsung, but Judge Lucy Koh wasn’t having it, according to the Verge.
  • Ars Technica recounts how Apple’s lawyers tried to make the case for why patents on older iOS devices, like the iPhone 3G, while no longer sold, should always remain valid.
  • The AP reports that the judge may end up cutting Apple’s billion-dollar award, but that it’s not clear by how much.
  • Judge Koh also called for “global patent peace” and asked the two sides to figure out how to come to an agreement outside of court, writes VentureBeat.

There were no decisions made during the hearing. Judge Koh said before adjourning that she’d be issuing several orders “as quickly as I can.” When she does, it’s a good bet that the party that gets the short end will appeal every last point and “iCourt” watchers will be passing the popcorn for many more months.