A good phone gets better: multi-window apps for Galaxy S III

Samsung shared details of its Premium Suite software upgrade for the Galaxy S III handset on Friday, highlighting seven new features for the company’s best-selling handset. Many are already available on the Galaxy Note 2, where they benefit from the bigger screen. Perhaps surprisingly, however, Samsung is bringing the unique multi-window function to the smaller screen of the Galaxy S III: After the update, running two applications on the display at one time will be possible.

What makes the multi-window function useful in my experience with a Galaxy Note 2 is that both apps are fully functioning; one isn’t suspended while the other is active for example. That means you can be watching an active Twitter timeline on one side of the screen while browsing the web, watching a video or updating your Facebook(s fb) status on the other. Samsung demonstrates it in this video, which covers some of the Premium Suite features for its Galaxy S III.

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Additional functionality in the premium Suite includes Page Buddy, which are specific home pages that dynamically open upon certain circumstances. Plug in your headphones and the music player will appear, for example. Frequently used applications can be set to show in your app list. And a Facebook ticker can be added to the Galaxy S III lock screen, saving time if you’re a Facebook addict. Plus, a new Reader mode looks to show content on a web page without ads or other non-relevant information while also supporting customized font sizes.