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Converting videos for your devices just got easier with Miro Video Converter

Here’s a great tool for anyone who’s getting a new mobile device for the holidays: Miro just updated its free Video Converter tool with a 3.0 release, which now supports batch converting of videos as well as a bunch of new options to fine-tune the settings of the converted videos. The tool also got a nice new look, which should help newcomers looking for an easy solution to get their videos playable on the devices of their choice.


Miro has been offering its video converter as a standalone, one-click conversion tool for some time. However, previous versions only supported the conversion of one file at a time, which made it pretty much unusable if you had a larger collection of files. The new version makes it possible to drag and drop a number of videos onto the app and then simply start to convert them all with the same settings.

Of course, Miro Video Converter isn’t the only tool helping you to tweak your videos to play on mobile devices. Recently, Plex added an option to sync videos onto iOS (s AAPL) devices for offline playback, which includes automatic transcoding, and apps like doubleTwist support similar functionality for Android (s GOOG) users as well.

However, the beauty of the Miro Video Converter is its simplicity: If all you want to do is convert a few videos, it doesn’t get any easier than this.

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