HP is In the Game. Now What?


After a 6 month wait, Hewlett-Packard will announce the general availability of its OpenStack compute cloud this week.  So, should Amazon, Google, and Rackspace be worried?

The word on the street is that HP is too late, too far behind, and too big and cumbersome to make that much of a dent in the emerging cloud computing market.  However, most of the Global 2000 is still up for grabs, given that Amazon Web Services, the biggest fish in the IaaS pond right now, is only able to claim a 30 percent share of the larger enterprises.

HP has a huge reach in big enterprises, and those guys purchase hardware, software, and, yes, cloud computing services, differently than smaller organizations.  HP’s sales people have deep connections into blue chip industries that Amazon can only dream about.

So, I would say its on.  Now that HP is out there, this space gets even more interesting.  HP has some strengths that they can leverage to quickly penetrate the market.  But, Amazon is still the one to beat.  They have a huge market share and, more importantly, mind share.  HP needs to understand that this is their only bite at the apple.


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