How to unify monitoring: organizing the crumbling IT silos



Emerging devops teams and continuous-delivery solutions enable companies to be more nimble, while hybrid cloud options and mobile applications expand the enterprise so that workers can be productive in multiple locations across all time zones. However, these advances create a whole new set of problems, not least of which is IT monitoring. Breaking down silos so that groups work together is great, but once the silos have crumbled, who’s in charge? And what solutions are available to meet these new demands?

In this on-demand webinar, our panel of experts answer these questions:

  • How does a company find an IT solution that is both elastic and scalable?
  • How does a company create a platform that includes its legacy operations but also looks to the future?
  • Does unified monitoring mean giving up control?

The speaker lineup includes:

Register here and delve into this topic with GigaOM Pro and our sponsor Zenoss at our upcoming webinar “How to unify monitoring: organizing the crumbling IT silos,” a free analyst roundtable webinar available on demand.


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