Gmail app for iPhone, iPad gets multiple accounts, infinite scrolling + more


Google(s GOOG) is out with a new-look app for iOS, Gmail. Gmail 2.0 for iPhone and iPad is available as of Tuesday with several new features that will make a lot of heavy mobile Gmail app users very happy.

The big new feature is multiple accounts: with the update users can easily switch between up to five accounts within the app. It’s also now employing autocomplete, in both the search function and with contact names.

Other improvements include: sending and receiving attachments within the app, the ability to archive, label, star, delete and report spam, read email as threaded conversations, see profile pictures in those conversations, and respond to Google Calendar invites and Google+ posts.

Google also says it’s given the app and interface a little makeover, with new visual designs, animations and infinite scrolling within message lists.

Update: We’ve received multiple reports from users who say when trying to download the iOS Gmail app today from the App Store that it “is no longer available.” We’ve reached out to Google to see what’s going on and will update this post when we hear more.

Update 2: A Google spokeswoman says some people are getting that error message because the update is still rolling out, so a bit of patience is required. The company just tweeted this:



Anyone know how to increase the font size of the text in the Gmail app?


I love the new gmail app for iOS but it is still missing one big feature – the ability to see all new emails from all of my accounts in one place. I still have to click into each of my three accounts to find which one has the new email. I used to route all of my gmail accounts into one single gmail account but that also creates problems. Anyone have a super slick way to to make all of this work or should I just go get an Android phone (close to that already).


I installed it on my iPone 5 and added two accounts.. Now i want to remove one account from here.. How do i do that? Any idea?

Simon Ellis

Only way I found was to sign out all accounts and sign back in. Not great, but quick enough.


The App was available last night (Pacific Time zone). I believe apps are in limbo when being updated in the App Store.
First time trying it for me. How do I get the ‘woosh!’ when sending an email (like the Apple mail app)? :-)


Confirmed what Amanda said – search for Google Inc, and use the upgrade path from the GMail that is found there. The Gmail update button from the updates section would never go through for me


Just updated mine. Type in “Google, Inc.” in the app store and you’ll see the app then. Should be easy-peasy from there.


I think the app had been pulled. Cuz it says “the app is not available” when I tried to download it. I also deleted it but could no longer find it on the app store.

What’s up with that?

Ivan Printis

Am I the only on that is getting the message, “The items you tried to buy is no longer available.”

Erica Ogg

Yep, also seeing this and hearing others getting this same message. I’ve updated the post and pinged Google for more info.

Ivan Printis

Am I the only on that is getting the message, “The items you tries to buy is no longer available.”


I got the same message. Just search the app store for gmail and install that way.

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