Kickstarter gets $3.3M in pledges in first month in UK


After making its first international leap to the U.K. on Oct. 31, Kickstarter has raised $3.3 million in pledges for U.K.-based projects. New York City-based Kickstarter said 407 projects were launched in the first month, with 30 successfully funded so far.

The first successfully funded project was The Chime Pavilion, a student effort from The Manchester School of Architecture that has raised five times its funding goal of $483. The first project launched called Picade, a video game arcade cabinet for the Rasberry Pi and other devices raised $119,392, double its original target.

So far, 45,799 people have participated in backing a project. The largest share of backers came from the U.K. (39 percent) while EU and U.S. backers made up 23 percent each. By comparison, 78 percent of U.S.-based projects are funded by Americans with the rest coming from abroad. 

It’s still early for Kickstarter in the U.K. but, so far, the signs are promising. Kickstarter raised about $100 million last year for 27,086 projects. It has now helped launch about 80,000 projects and $428 million in pledges. If Kickstarter can successfully take its act on the road to Europe, Asia and other markets, it should continue being the biggest name in crowd-funding. But it will also need to fend off competition from local crowdfunding platforms including options like SeedrsCrowdfunder, in the U.K.

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