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Forecast: Internet ad spend will outstrip all print in 2015

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2015 is the year when internet advertising spend will overtake combined newspaper and magazine ad spend globally, according to ad group ZenithOptimedia’s latest forecast.

That mark has already been passed in some countries, but not on a worldwide basis.

The group reckons the internet attracted 15.2 percent more ad dollars globally in 2012, though total cross-media ad spend grew only 3.3 percent.

ZenithOptimedia reckons internet ad spend will growth at 14 to 15 percent per year going forward and will be taking 23.4 percent of all advertising money in the world by 2015.

By that time, online display ad spend will be on the cusp of overtaking search ad spend for the first time.

This is not purely a digital growth story — print ad spend has been declining. But the worst of the cliff-drop, seen at the height of the 2008/09 downturn, has bottomed out, leaving more modest print cuts going forward, ZenithOptimedia projects.

Television remains the most lucrative advertising medium.

2 Responses to “Forecast: Internet ad spend will outstrip all print in 2015”

  1. Dave Pilcher

    Considering the iPad wasn’t launched until spring of 2010 and the announcement of ‘The Daily’ shuttering today – I feel your prediction is premature. I don’t feel like you can line-up these mature advertising markets against a new fledgling source like the internet and predict the next few years. It’s too early to tell and the only reason forecasts like this are created is to use them to sell digital space. . . which I know you said it’s “not purely a digital growth story” but that’s what it will be used for – accurate or not.

    Plus you are doing this during an economic downturn where most mature industries are suffering – print (newspaper/magazines) or not. Ad spending is down not because those media vehicles don’t work. . .

    I’m not saying internet ad sales won’t grow but you are only showing a small window of time of factual events and then trending along very similar inclines/declines.

    But – I too – cannot predict the future. We’ll both have to wait and see. Opinions are just that.