The mobile revolution and the future of business apps


Take a look around the next time you’re walking down the street, standing in front of the elevator, or waiting for a meeting to start. In all directions, you’ll see people busy with their mobile devices. Smart devices are probably the fastest-spreading technology of the past three decades. Mobile users still give a lot of attention to email and newsfeeds, but the fast-growing number of mobile apps is in the business environment.

For business applications, native mobile apps are proving to be a lot more popular than HTML5 web-based apps. Native apps provide a better user experience and don’t depend on the internet to function properly. With the launch of enterprise release options, companies are further leveraging app technology to increase engagement and efficiency.

Some key takeaways:

  • How mobile apps benefit the various stakeholders involved in event planning
  • What to look for in an effective business mobile app
  • Uses for mobile apps in other enterprise sectors
  • A look into the future of mobile app technology

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As a mobile developer I always have to stay aware of the latest news to make sure were offering the right product for our business clients but also to help educate our clients on where things are going. Native apps are more popular and better right now but that has a lot to do with HTML5 not being perfected yet. I do think HTML5 or some other way of going cross platform will be the way of the future eventually, just not right now. Mobile have a huge potential to help businesses and I have seen several of our apps and other apps people have made make a difference in a businesses from streamlining current business operation to making a lot money at how much business a mobile app has brought them. It really depends upon what a businesses needs are and how best to implement/meet those needs.


Larry Addles

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This looks very interesting. We’ve seen large enterprises in construction, mining, oil & gas and other industrial services put the power of mobile apps to work for compliance requirements. No doubt the revolution is affecting many types of organization.

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