4 Responses to “Online audiences soar with new mobile measurements: 10 sites have 100 million+”

  1. I really don’t understand why people give ComScore any degree of credibility. It’s panel data in a digital age using metrics which were originally designed for industries that are now outdated. This new metric isn’t something ComScore should be proud of – it’s something they should be embarrassed about not even bothering to account for in the first place.

    “Now, a system has come along that measures these mobile users” – pretty sure my basic free Google Analytics account has been doing this accurately for years now. I would have expected better from paidContent than this glorified press release.

    • Thanks for your comment, Brendan. I’m not trying to shill for comScore but the reality is that their figures are what advertisers look at when comparing publishers against one another. Are these the best analytics anyone could get? No. Are there some smoke and mirrors here? Yes, probably. But just as we’ve tolerated Nielsen’s flawed TV ratings for years, we have to use some common baseline for online stats. And, for better or worse, comScore is largely it for now.

  2. Hi; Jeff & Andy;

    Great article!

    Just wanted to say that I concur with Andy – well written clear and concise I couldn’t of put it any better.

    Also Jeff what staggering stats!? It’s time for people to recognize the e-commerce movement that we are all embroiled in.

    Many thanks

  3. Andy Bovingdon

    Nice to see that mobile is starting to get the recognition that is long over due. Bango has been optionally feeding tag data from major brands into comScore for some time now, so it’s good to see the results of all our combined labour – well done comScore.

    Now we just need more of the major brands to realize that traditional desktop analytics solutions totally fail to measure unique mobile users with any level of accuracy or deliver meaningful insights in the way that mobile-first solutions like Bango Analytics do. Slowly the leading brands are starting to compare results between Bango and their existing solution and making the move – so this mobile trend will continue to grow.