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Greenpeace targets Amazon in clean cloud stunt

Oh how clean power advocates wish this were true: a website with the URL “,” which claims to be made by a “green team” at Amazon’s Web Services (s amzn) group, says that AWS will launch a pilot project offering a select group access to a completely clean powered version of its cloud and storage services. The site has been passed around during Amazon’s AWS Re:Invent event taking place in Vegas this week.

But alas, this news isn’t true. If you pull back the curtain on the site a bit, the domain name is registered to a blocked private holder, and if you track back the IP address it takes you to . . . Greenpeace USA. The project appears to be an attempt by the environmental group to start a discussion around how it thinks AWS should concentrate more efforts on sourcing renewable energy for its services.

Greenpeace hasn’t been secretive about that it wants Amazon to figure out ways to add in more clean power to its mix. In a report earlier this year, Greenpeace gave Amazon (as well as Apple) failing grades for its failure to source more clean power, while the group gave other Internet providers like Google (s goog) and Yahoo (s yhoo) passing grades. Google, in fact, has been a pioneer in this space, and has invested close to $1 billion into clean power projects.

Greenpeace confirmed with me that the web site was created by them. Amazon’s communications team said the site didn’t come from Amazon. So there you go. Greenpeace also just sent me this link that explains the stunt.

This may be a prank but I do think Amazon should take clean power more seriously, considering its such a huge cloud provider and it provides services for so many cutting edge and pioneering web and mobile startups. Others in the data center sector have expressed similar sentiments to me this year.

4 Responses to “Greenpeace targets Amazon in clean cloud stunt”

  1. Gerald Wilhite

    What should frighten all of us is that Greenpeace has degenerated into an authoritarian terrorist group under the guise of saving the world from the stupidity of ordinary people governing themselves in a democracy. Been there, done that.

    It is uncomfortably reminiscent of Goebbel’s political brilliance in demonizing the Jews, isn’t it? He started in1933 with a series of degrading attacks on German Jews slowly escalated. The motive was selling the public on the NAZI party goal of saving Aryan master race from contamination by the Jews. It started in 1933 with one-day boycotts of Jewish businessmen, doctors, and lawyers. It culminated in 1938 with the ‘Kristallnacht’, the Night of Broken Glass unleashed all across Germany. Synagogues were burned. Hundreds of Jews were assaulted and murdered.